Vanilla Snowman Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing

These vanilla snowman cupcakes are rather healthy, that is, until you add in the “snowman” decorations! The cupcakes are made from a boxed mix that has yogurt, water and egg whites added to it. This keep the low-fat factor fairly high. The frosting is made from vanilla extract, sugar, water and unsalted butter. Once the cupcakes are baked and iced, the fun begins – the mini-marshmallows and other candies that go on top aren’t exactly low in fat, but they sure taste great and make these treats look adorable!
Source Skinny Taste

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Blue Velvet Cupcakes with Easy Vanilla Buttercream

The classic red velvet cupcake contains just a hint of unsweetened cocoa powder, as well as buttermilk, white vinegar and vanilla extract. Once you have those in the batter, the cupcakes can be tinted any color – including the classic red, which is where the cupcakes get their name. However, you can also combine blue and violet gel food coloring to get these unabashedly patriotic blue velvet cupcakes. Once they have been coated in white vanilla buttercream frosting and some colorful sprinkles, they are ready to be enjoyed!
Source Traceys Cullinary Adventures

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Vanilla Cupcakes with a Surprise Inside!

What’s better than a vanilla cupcake? One with a surprise inside, of course! These homemade vanilla cupcakes (made from vanilla extract, eggs, flour, unsalted butter and sugar, among other things) are baked in festive cupcake liners. Once they have a chance to cool, the fun begins – slice out a hole in the center and pour in a batch of mini m&m’s, before replacing the top of the cupcake and frosting like normal.
Source I Am Baker

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter Cream and Strawberry

Sometimes the simple things are the best. These chocolate cupcakes are made out of 10 ingredients, most of which many bakers have laying around in their homes. (The only exception to this might be the buttermilk.) The vanilla frosting is just as simple, consisting solely of heavy cream, butter, sugar and vanilla extract. The strawberry is simply placed on top of the baked, cooled and frosted treats – not placed within them in way. The results are simple, classic, and tasty.
Source Bite Delite

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Vanilla Bean Cupcakes Recipe

Youíre in a hammock in the tropics, gently swinging between two palms with a banana daiquiri in hand – what would you have with it as an ideal snack? Something equally exotic surely, equally suited to tropical splendor, equally titillating. Yes, thatís correct – a vanilla bean cupcake. The secret ingredient of this tempting tidbit is the salted caramel frosting which you can smilingly sink your teeth into as the salty sea breeze ruffles your hair.
Source Chow

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Like something that floated in from a fairy tale fantasy world, these delicately decorated delicacies are the result of a classic recipe for vanilla cupcakes – with a coconut slant and a sour cream frosting dusted with more coconut on top. It is the kind of cake-snack you can take to a family picnic as easily as to a fancy do at the mayorís house – because they look as attractive as they taste good.
Source Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice

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Lavender Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Lavender is not a common ingredient in the cupcake world, but this interesting blend poses an argument in its favour. With its strong, distinctive scent, combined with the familiar sweetness of vanilla, and a sharp lemon frosting, this is a flavour combination to surprise and delight. The frosting and decoration is undeniably enticing, and could be easily adapted to create a beautiful gift for a baby shower or wedding. Everyone should invite a little adventure into their lives, and what better way than with one of these delicious lavender and vanilla bean cupcakes.
Source The Disney Food Blog

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Vanilla Funfetti Cupcakes

Try these funfetti cupcakes for an afternoon of fun! Made with a vanilla base, these cupcakes are frosted with vanilla buttercream and topped with lots of colorful sprinkles. You can use a single color sprinkles or use mixed colors for additional fun. Perfect for a birthday party or any occasion. These are your perfect vanilla cupcake made more additional fun. Kids and guests will definitely have fun with these funfetti cupcakes.
Source Stephen and Nat

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Caramel Cake Cupcakes

These caramel cake cupcakes will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. The cupcake is made out of butter, vanilla and condensed milk. These sinfully delicious cupcakes will complete your whole afternoon with its creamy caramel filling in the middle. The top part of the cupcake consists of pure caramel to match its vanilla taste. Pair these caramel cake cupcakes with a cup of espresso or your favorite tea to balance the taste.
Source Cupcake Project

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