Classic Vanilla Cupcakes

Every occasion, may it be a birthday, a wedding, a thanksgiving celebration or others, cakes or cupcakes will always be present. If you are thinking of serving a cupcake during the next family occasion that you will have, consider Classic Vanilla Cupcakes. You can actually design them on your own to attract people who think cupcakes are boring. Classic Vanilla Cupcakes produces a taste that will surely make wonders on your taste buds.
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Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Ricotta Cream Frosting

Are you a die-hard fan of vanilla flavor? If yes, then Vanilla Cupcakes are for you. These cupcakes seem to be an ordinary kind of cupcake but, after tasting them, you would not believe how delicious they are! The vanilla bean ricotta frosting of these cupcakes will also give you an unforgettable taste that would make you ask for more. It is simple in appearance but extraordinary when it comes to the taste.
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Strawberry Cheesecake Lucky Ladybug Cupcakes

It’s hard to resist cheesecake of any kind — especially when strawberries are involved! These lovely strawberry cheesecake lucky ladybug cupcakes are not only tasty, but they make a lovely addition to the dessert table at your next spring-themed party. Start by making the vanilla cupcake base, then, after baking, add in the cheesecake filling, made from a clever mixture of strawberries, cream cheese, sugar, heavy cream, a stabilizer and corn starch. The frosting consists of more cream cheese and vanilla (with butter and sugar, of course) and all of this is topped off with some sprinkles and chocolate-candy ladybugs. Yum!
Source A Cup Of Sugar … A Pinch Of Salt

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Skinny Vanilla Cupcakes

Are you seriously looking for a healthy cupcake? Well now you’ve found it. These cupcakes are so fluffy and soft no one will ever guess that these are low in fat. The funny thing about these cupcakes is that the no-fail healthy recipe for vanilla cupcakes is going to be something both junk-food lovers and health-food junkies are going to love. The best part is that you can dress these up to become chocolate chip or red velvet cupcakes or add in blueberries for more variety.
Source Chocolate-Covered Katie

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Vanilla Cupcakes for Two

Are you having problems thinking of what to prepare for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day? Well, have no worries anymore for Vanilla Cupcakes for Two will definitely solve your problem! This cupcake is easily made and has a perfect taste with the flawless combination of sweet, buttery, soft and rich vanilla flavor. Your partner will surely love it and you can actually make it more fantastic by adding chocolate chips or sprinkles on top of its cream.
Source Sally’s Baking Addiction

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Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache

Possibly one of the very few recipes you will find that puts peanut butter frosting above a vanilla cupcake; this is one batch of cupcakes you will want to keep for yourself. The rich, thick peanut butter swirled on top of a light, moist, perfectly baked vanilla cupcake is the perfect dessert, midnight snack or something decadent to grab from the fridge when it’s time to have afternoon tea or morning coffee.
Source The Sweet Art

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Vanilla Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting are usually a basic go-to dessert but this recipe, with a hefty 45 minute prep time is not your everyday cupcake. This recipe calls for steeped milk, vanilla beans, Madagascar vanilla bean sugar and vanilla bean extract, along with the whipped eggs, sifted flour, and 5 tablespoons of butter. This is one heavy duty cupcake and the deep vanilla flavor says so. This dessert would be perfect for parties, buffets, or any other sweet eating occasion.
Source Java Cupcake

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Moose Tracks Cupcakes

Ribbons of chocolate fudge and a peanut butter cup in one bite is definitely a must bite for at least one afternoon in your life. These cupcakes are your usual vanilla cupcakes. What sets this cupcake aside is the milk chocolate/peanut butter ganache in the center. Yummy goodness in a mouthful. Definitely a cupcake that anybody will love. Kids, teenagers of adults, this is a recipe you should try. Perfect with tea or milk – you choose!
Source The Sweet Art

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Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes

Although you normally wouldn’t think to combine almond, cherries and vanilla, all three go together excellently in these cupcakes. Named after two of their three main ingredients, these cherry vanilla cupcakes can be made year-round, thanks to the addition of maraschino cherry juice in the batter and frosting, plus the whole maraschino cherry topper. The frosting is made from almond extract, cherry juice, sugar and butter, proving that you can, indeed, make something sweet and light from a few simple ingredients.
Source Gimme Some Oven

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Layered Red, White & Blue Vanilla Cupcakes with Fool-Proof Cream Cheese Frosting

Simple vanilla cupcakes are taken up a notch, thanks to the addition of red and blue food coloring. To make these sweet treats as colorful as they are, take a standard vanilla cupcake batter and divide it into thirds. Color one section with blue food coloring, another with red, and leave the third one white. Simply swirl the batter together into the cupcake tins and voila! Patriotic goodies that are perfect for your next holiday barbecue.
Source Lauren’s Latest

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