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There are few food combinations that go together as well as strawberries and bananas. This is proven by these strawberry banana cupcakes. The cupcakes are made from a banana, butter, milk, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla and several other ingredients. Once they are baked and have had a chance to cool, they are filled with a homemade strawberry filling made from frozen strawberries, sugar and corn starch. As if that wasn’t enough, add on some cream cheese frosting to each before serving.
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Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter Cream and Strawberry

Sometimes the simple things are the best. These chocolate cupcakes are made out of 10 ingredients, most of which many bakers have laying around in their homes. (The only exception to this might be the buttermilk.) The vanilla frosting is just as simple, consisting solely of heavy cream, butter, sugar and vanilla extract. The strawberry is simply placed on top of the baked, cooled and frosted treats – not placed within them in way. The results are simple, classic, and tasty.
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Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

You don’t have to be a Scottish Highlander to become addicted to this scrumptious, quick to prepare feast which starts and finishes with one pound of fresh, juicy strawberries – hulled and sliced from pole to pole. And you don’t need to talk with a slurred “s” or wear an argyle beret to appreciate the cupcake with its head deftly lobbed off with a serrated knife and the berries on the base placed neatly under a dollop of cream.
Source Serious Eats

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Sprinkles’ Strawberry Cupcakes

Want to bring a taste of the legendary Sprinkles Bakery home, but don’t live nearby? Try this strawberry cupcake recipe provided by its founder. The batter contains pureed strawberries, salt, milk, baking powder, flour, vanilla extract, butter, sugar and eggs. Simple, right? Top with Sprinkles’ strawberry frosting, which contains even more strawberries, along with the standard buttercream base ingredients, like butter, salt, sugar and vanilla extract. Then serve these summery treats with a smile!
Source Martha Stewart

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Strawberry Cupcakes

The chopped strawberries and strawberry extract in these cupcakes make these the perfect springtime treat. Just mix together the strawberries and extract with butter, sugar, eggs, salt and flour to form a simple, yet tasty cupcake batter. Frost with the topping of your choice, although a vanilla buttercream, or even a strawberry flavored one would be perfect. Toss on some colored sprinkles, edible pearls or even sanding sugar to add to the fun before serving to your guests!
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Neapolitan Cupcakes

Neopolitan ice cream – that classic mix of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry – is hard to beat, although these neopolitan cupcakes definitely will end up on top. Made from a combination of white cupcake batter flavored with cocoa powder and strawberry jam (plus some left white to complete the color scheme) and matching frosting, these tasty treats do not look like the ice cream, but definitely taste like it! Serve with a side of aforementioned ice cream, just to add to the effect.
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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like chocolate covered strawberries, except for chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes, that is. Yes, inspired by the St. Valentine’s classic, these cupcakes contain pureed fresh strawberries, vanilla extract and other classic ingredients like egg, salt, milk and flour. The frosting is made from cocoa, sugar, butter, salt, milk and vanilla. Top each with a generous helping of frosting, and, for an added touch, an entire chocolate covered strawberry.
Source Bake At 350

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Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes

Not only are these adults-only treats tasty, but they are gluten free as well. The batter is made from various flours, including brown rice, sweet rice and white rice, plus soy milk, baking powder, xanthan gum and the kicker — pureed frozen strawberries! Once they are out of the oven, douse them with a mixture of tequila and lime juice before topping them with the margarita frosting, which also contains strawberries, lime and, yes, more tequila.
Source Goody-Bye Gluten

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Strawberry and Mascarpone Filled Cupcakes

Strawberry and Mascarpone filled cupcakes with icing take a little while to complete, but they are really easy to make. They begin with a vanilla cake mix, prepared as directed. While they are baking, a mascarpone cheese and strawberry filling is processed for the filling. The icing is simply confectioner’s sugar, vanilla extract, and water and can be put together quickly as well. These simply lovely cupcakes are light and fresh and delicious.
Source Food Network

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Dark Chocolate Ganache Strawberry Yogurt Cupcakes

What is unusual about these dark chocolate ganache strawberry yogurt cupcakes? They don’t contain flour! Yes, the batter is made from yogurt, sugar, eggs, oil, baking powder, salt and vanilla extract. The resulting cupcakes are slightly heavier and thicker than the standard flour-filled treats, but they are slightly more good for you – until, that is, you add the frosting. A dark chocolate ganache and some sliced strawberries add just the right touch of sweetness.
Source The Sweet Art

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