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Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes

Are you ready for a vanilla cupcake that tastes like a sugar cookie? If so, then this is the recipe for you. It is hard to beat these tasty, sugar-y, soft, yet dense cupcakes that can be topped with just about anything — although the cupcake baker recommends a Swiss meringue buttercream and some gumdrops for color. The batter is simple to make, bakes quickly, and contains standard ingredients that are probably already lurking in your kitchen. So, make them already!
Source Martha Stewart

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Swirly Cupcakes

Are you ready for a no-bake cupcake? Actually, make that a no-bake ICE CREAM cupcake. Sounds yummy, right? Not to mention the fact that these are easy to make, since the ingredients consist of non-frosted chocolate cake, the ice cream flavor of your choice, whipped cream (although you could make your own as directed by the recipe) and sprinkles. A little ingenuity, some patiences, and a few cooking tools are all that separate you from these sweet treats.
Source Martha Stewart

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Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes

There is nothing better to serve at a birthday party than a moist, delicious chocolate cupcake. This recipe uses cocoa powder, sour cream, vanilla extract and flour, along with other ingredients, to create a simple, basic chocolate cupcake. The simplicity of the cake itself is the perfect complement to the chocolate ganache icing and chocolate pudding filling. Bake, fill, frost and serve with a smile – after topping with a few sprinkles, of course!
Source Ambrosia Baking

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Vanilla Cupcakes

Vanilla is a perfect flavor for ice cream but it is even more heavenly when you make your cupcakes with vanilla! The years of experimentation of many pastry chefs and baking enthusiasts have reached the “eureka” stage with these ultimate Vanilla Cupcakes. Since you will be using the real vanilla beans instead of just plain vanilla flavor, you are guaranteed perfect and deliciously mind-blowing Vanilla Cupcakes that will satisfy every discriminating taste!
Source Bon Appetit

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Flower Cupcakes

Who’s up for some very colorfully decorated cupcakes? Right: everyone. These flower cupcakes are actually simple to make, as the batter consists of standard vanilla cupcake ingredients, with the exception of sour cream and cornstarch. The frosting is where the fun comes in. Make homemade cream cheese icing (cream cheese, butter, sugar and vanilla extract) and then divide it into batches. Tint each a different color, and then add matching sprinkles. Simple and tasty!
Source Smitten Kitchen

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Frosted Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes

Adding buttermilk to cupcakes makes them turn out slightly moister – and infinitely tastier – than ones that use milk or butter. These frosted chocolate buttermilk cupcakes contain buttermilk (hence the name) and dutch-process cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and a few other standard ingredients. Bake, and then top with homemade cream cheese frosting, as well as a few sprinkles, some candy bits, or even a little shredded coconut.
Source Martha Stewart

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Tie-Dyed Cupcakes

Ready for something quick, easy and colorful? Yes? Then this cupcake recipe is the what you have been waiting for. Although it uses a box mix for the batter – vanilla, in this case — that is where the simplicity lies. All that you need to do is prepare the cupcakes and add in several bottles of colorful sprinkles. Mix them all together and bake. Top with a colorful pattern of various colored icings in order to enhance the effect!
Source Food Network

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A Big Pile of Cupcakes

A Big Pile of Cupcakes is a whimsical design created using chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting tinted in bright colors. The “pile” comes in when Reese’s minis in two sizes, one more mini than the other are stacked and then frosted different colors than each other. The cupcake concept is carried further still by embellishing all three “cupcakes” with sprinkles. The effect is festive and completely perfect for customizing using your own party colors or theme.
Source Easy Baked

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Bubble Gum Pink Flavoured Cupcakes

Pink themed cupcakes like these can be served at many different functions, from birthday parties to informal wedding showers. It’s hard to resist the triple dose of pink that makes these stand out from the cupcake crowd: the cake liner, the sprinkles and the fondant star set atop each all shout both festive and feminine at the same time. The simple vanilla cupcakes and off-white buttercream frosting both take a backseat to all of this pink!
Source Eat My Cakes

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Sparkling Holiday Cupcake Cookie Toppers

Cupcakes topped with cookies equal two sweet treats in one — especially if the cookies have been coated in icing and sanding sugar. The cupcakes can be made from any batter imaginable, along with the icing, since it is the cookies that “take the cake” so to speak in this combination. Make the cookies from the recipe of your choice, only make sure that they are thick enough to support the stick that holds them into the cupcake. After they are baked, douse them with sugar, sprinkles and icing before inserting them into the cupcake and serving!
Source Haniela’s

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