Prohibition Bakery’s Mai Thai Cupcakes

Mai Thai Cupcakes

New Year’s celebrations are known for being the perfect champagne occasion, but if you’re not into bubbly, or into drinking your booze, you can still usher in 2016 with an edge, thanks to New York City’s Prohibition Bakery.

Just one of the 55 recipes included in the legendary bakery’s new book, these Mai Thai cupcakes put a whole new twist on the world of fruit-filled cupcakes, namely with a touch of your favorite rum. The cupcakes themselves sound delicious enough, filled with healthy-option ingredients like yogurt and coconut oil, but once these babies areĀ topped with a grenadine and coconut rum frosting and injected with rum, they’re sure to be a collection of cakes that start off any year right, especially since they’re small enough to be hors d’oeuvres.

Source: InStyle

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