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Pink Piggy Cupcakes

Pink Piggy Cupcakes are the cutest little things and a tasty treat as well. These yummy confections would be perfect for a children’s barnyard party, a 4H meeting or event, or just as a cute offering at a church’s potluck one afternoon. The rich buttery flavor and the cocoa goodness in these treats are perfectly complemented by the cream cheese butter cream frosting. No matter where you serve the Pink Piggy cupcakes, you’re sure to get rave reviews.
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Bubble Gum Pink Flavoured Cupcakes

Pink themed cupcakes like these can be served at many different functions, from birthday parties to informal wedding showers. It’s hard to resist the triple dose of pink that makes these stand out from the cupcake crowd: the cake liner, the sprinkles and the fondant star set atop each all shout both festive and feminine at the same time. The simple vanilla cupcakes and off-white buttercream frosting both take a backseat to all of this pink!
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Simply Pink Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

If anything edible can also be described as dainty, it’s these Simply Pink Vanilla Bean Cupcakes. The cupcakes themselves are simple, and are made from traditional ingredients like cake flour, baking powder, salt, a vanilla bean, eggs and buttermilk, among other things, while the frosting consists of butter, sugar, salt, vanilla extract and heavy cream. Tinted pink and piped onto the baked cupcakes in beautiful swirls before being topped with edible silver balls, these cupcakes are both dainty and delicious.
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Sweet Pink and White Wedding Cupcakes

Many brides-to-be are turning away from the traditional wedding cake and instead, going for some unforgettable wedding cupcakes. And these sweet pink and white wedding cupcakes definitely fit the bill! Made from a standard chocolate cupcake batter and decorated with pink and white tinted chocolate ganache, these beautiful cupcakes will make a stunning addition to your perfect wedding day. The fondant hearts, piped flowers and silver edible beads just add on to the magic!
Source Ritz Passion

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Tickled Pink Cupcakes

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Striped Cupcakes

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Angel Cream Cupcakes

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