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Chocolate Fudge Jr Mint Centered Cupcakes

Chocolate fudge Jr mint centered cupcakes are really awesome. The dreamy batter of fudge chocolate chips and sour cream with the cupcake centers that are so minty, are absolutely perfect for any palate. As though this is not enough, the frosting of cream cheese with a choc chip in the middle really rounds off these cupcakes. Serve them as a dessert at dinner parties or else when you have guests over for tea.
Source Picky Palate

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Thin Mint Cupcakes

Rich, dark and creamy are three great words to describe these Thin Mint cupcakes. Yes, you read that right: Thin Mint, like the Girl Scout Cookies. Made from cocoa powder, peppermint extract, ground Kopi Luwak coffee (or any dark roast), brewed coffee and a dash of Thin Mint crumbs, among other more traditional ingredients, the batter alone is hard to resist. Once they are topped with dark chocolate mint ganache and mint cream cheese frosting, they become completely irresistable.
Source Hapatite

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Chocolate Mint Frango Cupcakes

Chocolate and mint cupcakes are a chocolate lover’s dream come true. These Chocolate Mint Frango Cupcakes, made from chopped up Frango candies, coffee, cocoa powder, flour, sugar, sour cream and a few other more “traditional” ingredients, alone are delicious. But then you add on the chocolate mint buttercream frosting (made from more Frango mint chocolates), which elevates these treats to a whole ‘nother level. Top with some chocolate jimmies and green sugar sprinkles and serve!
Source Java Cupcake

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Mint and Gold Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

According to all of the fashion magazines, as well as the fashion designers themselves, mint and gold is the new black. Or new cupcake combo. Either way, these chocolate mint cupcakes topped with mint green frosting and tucked into gold cupcake wrappers are the height of both trendiness and deliciousness. The cupcake batter contains cocoa powder, chocolate chips and mint extract to give them a little twist, and the frosting has more mint extract – plus some green food coloring. Tasty and stylish, all at once!
Source Best Friends for Frosting

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Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

When you are having a bad day, these mint chocolate chip cupcakes will snap you out of whatever it is getting you down. The mint flavoring comes from Andes chocolate and crème de menthe on the buttercream frosting. Also the perfect cupcake for the holiday season, you can add red garnish to the green topping accordingly. The chocolate cupcake is not flavored and all the mint is found in the frosting. Keeping these cupcakes refrigerator just makes the minty flavor so much more refreshing.
Source Bakers Royale

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Vanilla Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Tired of your usual chocolate cupcake or the plain vanilla cupcake? This vanilla cupcake is frosted with peppermint cream cheese which makes it different. It’s very popular among peppermint lovers as well. After frosting the cake, you can try putting a strawberry on top. Tangy, sweet, minty and salty; doesn’t that say different and yummy? Grab the perfect afternoon cupcake for you and your friends! Will be great for any occasion.
Source The Sweet Art

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Bailey’s Irish Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Irish Cream Cupcakes are the perfect treat for your office party or a tasty night in. The combination of fluffy chocolate chip cake and minty sweet icing is perfection. The chocolate ganache capping it all off is over the top in more ways than one with its surprising blast of peppermint extract. Dressed up with a fresh mint leaf and coupled with an Irish coffee or a hot cup of tea and you have a perfect afternoon indulgence.
Source The Sweet Art

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Vegan Mint Mojito Cupcakes

Via Brown Sugar Bee

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