Heath Bar Cupcakes

What happens when you combine Devil’s food cake mix with heath bar bits and chocolate pudding mix? You get these delicious heath bar cupcakes, of course! The cupcakes are topped with not one, but two different types of frosting: thick vanilla buttercream and rich chocolate ganache, then they are topped with even more heath bar bits (the best sprinkles ever.) Serve these up to a co-worker, friend of family member with a smile.
Source My Baking Addiction

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Heath Bar Crunch Cupcakes

Thanks to their name – Heath Bar Crunch – these cupcakes almost sound healthy. That is, until you make them! Picture this: chocolate cupcakes (made from bittersweet chocolate, vanilla, eggs, flour and sugar, among other things) filled with a delightful toffee and caramel sauce filling. The frosting is made from butter, sugar, more caramel sauce, vanilla (extract or beans, your choice) and salt. Add a few pieces of a crushed toffee candy bar to the top, and you’ll have a very non-healthy, but incredibly tasty, cupcake!
Source A Cup Of Sugar … A Pinch Of Salt

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