Hell’s Kitchen Sink Cupcakes

Hell's Kitchen Sink Cupcakes

You may not get the chance to visit Hell’s Kitchen, but you can bring a grand taste of it into your home with these hell’s kitchen sink cupcakes. Brownie-batter-based frosting laced with chili and cookie dough balls atop dark chocolate Guinness cupcakes is, frankly, a recipe for heaven. That touch of cayenne mingling with chocolate will have your palate asking for more. Featuring lots of moisture and never-ending flavor, these cupcakes are a no-brainer for adult-only parties.

Source: Erica’s Sweet Tooth

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Guinness Cupcakes

Beer and cupcake? This might not be a good combination for you. But, if you are game for a little experiment, try the Guinness Cupcake and you will surely be surprised with its unique taste. The Guinness Beer is usually used in the kitchen to bring out fabulous tastes in dishes. This time, it is used to bring out the best cupcake ever! These Guinness Cupcakes have a delightful taste that you could not believe it is flavored with a beer. To experience a very rare cupcake flavor, try the Guinness Cupcakes and you will not regret it!
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Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes

For those of you who were not a big fan of beer, you might see beer in a different light after trying these cupcakes. These chocolate and Guinness cupcake combination can definitely hit the spot for any cupcake or beer lover. The base has yogurt as well which makes the cupcakes incredibly moist. This is definitely a winner and beer lover or not, you would definitely love these delightful cups. Frosted with homemade vanilla cream cheese frosting, your ensemble is complete!
Source Gimme Some Oven

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