Soft and Fluffy Funfetti Cupcakes

Soft & Fluffy Funfetti Cupcakes

There’s a unicorn craze happening right now. Everything colorful, rainbow, sparkly, and exploding with happiness is labeled “unicorn”, and these cupcakes definitely fit the bill.

Basically just a colorful version of delicious vanilla, these treats are tinted with rainbow sprinkles and topped with the prettiest purple buttercream and a few extra sprinkles for good measure. Is it possible to eat these and be in a bad mood?

Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

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Funfetti Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

It is fairly easy to make your own Funfetti cupcakes from scratch – just combine flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, butter, vanilla extract, sour cream and several other ingredients in a bowl. Then dump in one half cup of rainbow sprinkles and stir so that the sprinkles are distributed throughout the batter. Once these treats have baked, you can turn them into sundae cupcakes with the addition of a scoop of vanilla buttercream frosting, a drizzle of chocolate ganache, and some sprinkles.
Source I Am Baker

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Easter Funfetti Cupcakes

A Funfetti cupcake is a special cupcake, perfect for making at Easter as it has mini eggs set in the twirled vanilla frosting. With a regular cupcake when out of the oven, cut out a hole in the center and fill it with a surprise of your favorite instant pudding mix. Twirl on a vanilla topping and then arrange at least three mini eggs on it. You now have the perfect Funfetti cupcake, which will delight and please the whole family.
Source American Cupcake Abroad

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Funfetti Cupcakes

Sprinkles are located all over these funfetti cupcakes. They are included in the batter and baked inside these vanilla-flavored treats, and rolled onto the frosting to coat the edges – just enough to give you that extra “sugar rush” when biting into them. The batter itself is fairly simple; it’s a mix of cake flour, butter, salt, egg whites, milk, vanilla extract, sugar and baking powder, not to mention the rainbow sprinkles, of course. The frosting is an equally simple vanilla buttercream, which makes the sprinkles stand out just a bit more in contrast.
Source The Cake Blog

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Daves Funfetti Peeps Cupcakes

Daves Funfetti Peeps Cupcakes are simple, sweet, and something special for a baby shower, a first birthday, a toddler birthday, a holiday, or just for eating. The Peeps people now make Peeps for Halloween, Easter, Christmas, summer, and Valentines Day so there are more holidays to celebrate with Peeps cupcakes than ever. With coordinating frosting colors and food coloring a boxed mix and sprinkles, your cupcakes can take on any celebration.
Source Java Cupcake

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Vanilla Funfetti Cupcakes

Try these funfetti cupcakes for an afternoon of fun! Made with a vanilla base, these cupcakes are frosted with vanilla buttercream and topped with lots of colorful sprinkles. You can use a single color sprinkles or use mixed colors for additional fun. Perfect for a birthday party or any occasion. These are your perfect vanilla cupcake made more additional fun. Kids and guests will definitely have fun with these funfetti cupcakes.
Source Stephen and Nat

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Funfetti Yogurt Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

For a fun birthday party treat, there is nothing better than these “fun”-fetti yogurt cupcakes and matching buttercream frosting. The batter is a straightforward vanilla, consisting of butter, sugar, eggs, fat-free Greek yogurt, vanilla, flour and funfetti sprinkles (although you can add chocolate chips if funfetti isn’t your style.) There is even more fun to be had with the frosting — a simple buttercream (butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and heavy cream) with more funfetti sprinkles on top! These really bring a smile to your face!
Source Roxana’s Home Baking

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