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Flower Cupcakes

Want a novel way to present your cupcakes? Then this coffee filter flower arrangement could be just what you are looking for. It’s a lovely, easy way of turning your cupcakes into brilliant blooming flowers, using coffee filters and food colouring. The cleverness behind this idea lies in its simplicity, and its ability to be adapted depending on your intended recipients. These would make an excellent anniversary gift or birthday present. Who wouldn’t want to receive a bouquet of bright, beautiful flowers (that also happen to contain your favourite delicious cupcake)?
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Flower Cupcakes

The most important part of these cupcakes is the buttercream frosting. The cupcakes are made of a basic vanilla batter, consisting of milk, vanilla extract, salt, eggs, sugar, butter, flour and baking powder. After they have baked and cooled, the fun begins — piping on the buttercream frosting so that it resembles flower petals. Put a chocolate candy in the center of each and voila! You have a pretty springtime treat to serve to your guests.
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Fall Flower Pot Cupcakes

Picture this: pumpkin cupcakes covered in a fine layer of maple cream cheese frosting. Does that sound “fall” enough to you? Yes, but we are not done yet. Added to the top of each cupcake is a thin layer of crumbled up Oreo cookie crumbs that, after dipping, resemble the potting soil found in a flower pot, only chocolate-y and completely edible. The fondant flowers, made with the help of a blossom-shaped cookie cutter and some ingenuity, add to the illusion when placed atop the Oreo cookie “dirt.” The results are colorful, tasty and fall-like in appearance!
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Autumn Cupcakes

The best thing about autumn — besides the leaves changing colors and the crisp smell in the air — has to be the creative and tasty treats that pop up everywhere. Pumpkin becomes the desired addition to everything from muffins to lattes, including cupcakes! But besides the pumpkin cupcake batter, the season can be reflected in the array of warm color choices in cupcake toppings. From orange, deep red, yellow and brown frosting to edible glitter-encrusted fondant leaves and similarly-colored sprinkles, autumn is everywhere!
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Cardamom and Rosewater Scented Cupcakes

Don’t let the title of these cupcakes throw you off — they are, indeed, tasty cupcakes, not a cupcake shaped potpourri or sachet. The batter is made from vanilla, flour, and all of the traditional cupcake ingredients, with the addition of some ground cardomom. Buying the green cardamom pods whole and grinding them yourself, rather than purchasing the spice already ground, will save you money as well as give the batter an extra kick. The frosting is made from icing sugar, butter and water, with a few teaspoons of rosewater thrown in for good measure. The end result is both tasty and sweet-smelling!
Source Diary of a LadyBird

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Rose Cupcakes

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Chocolate Frosting Roses

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