Dr. Pepper Cupcakes

Dr Pepper Cupcakes

Yes, it is true. Now you can enjoy your favorite Dr. Pepper beverage taste whipped into a yummy cupcake that brings you the delights of these two favorites all combined into one. Now just in case this combo isn’t enough for you, to make sure your taste buds are totally satisfied, top them with a brown butter frosting. There are so many delightful flavors all wrapped into one cupcake that it’s impossible to say which part of them tastes the best.

Source: Baked by an Introvert

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Dublin Dr. Pepper Icing

Loved Dublin Dr Pepper? Its one of the best things about Texas, and it’s one of the best things about this cupcake. The chocolate cupcakes are already good but the Dublin Dr Pepper icing makes it divine. The icing is actually butter cream with Dublin Dr Pepper which makes this cupcake special. If you’re serving guests from Texas or if you’re from Texas and wanted to feel a taste of home, this is the cupcake for you.
Source The Nerd’s Wife

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