Black Forest Cake and Cupcakes

A big fan of Black Forest cake? Make sure you do try this cupcake. The cupcakes has cherries in the middle then covered in whipped cream frosting. Its topped with grated chocolate and a cherry on top. Like every Black Forest cake, this also contains alcohol. You can choose from Kirsch, brandy, or alcohol as well. Don’t forget to use a forth of the cup of the syrup from the canned cherries before you drain it. The syrup makes your cupcake tastier. Cocktail parties or any kind of event, this is apropos.
Source Bashful Bao

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White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes blend the perfect balance of sweet and tart to create a cupcake that surprises chocolate and fruit dessert enthusiasts alike. It is the accompaniment of each to the other, where neither is overpowering or understated that makes this cupcake flavor combination so interesting and delightful. The white chocolate chunks meet the tangy raspberry filling in a celebration of flavors. The creamy white chocolate frosting completes the palate party and satisfies the senses.
Source The Sweet Art

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Heath Bar Cupcakes

“Ahhh, buttery, sweet, crunchy toffee; it is a near perfect treat”. Chocolate lovers may disagree however so enter the Heath Bar Cupcake, which incorporates the buttery crunchy goodness of the Heath Bar with the chocolate sweet goodness of the traditional chocolate cupcake. This cupcake, with chocolate covered toffee bits both in the batter and sprinkled on top is the trifecta of dessert goodness. They can be dressed up or down for the occasion, but either way, this combination is a winner.
Source Stephen and Nat

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Caramel Creme Latte cupcakes

There is a new flavor in town, both at the coffee shops, and in the cupcake world; her name is Caramel Creme Latte. These caramel latte cupcakes are a coffee lovers dream come true with their robust espresso flavor accompanied by coffee’s newest love, caramel latte sweetness. Both the cake and the frosting include espresso powder, but the cake contains hints of cinnamon and Irish Cream liquor to give the taste that extra special something that coffee lovers will appreciate.
Source Java Cupcake

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Caribbean Escape Cupcakes

Caribbean Escape Cupcakes with Lychee custard filling and Mango buttercream frosting are the perfect island escape after a long week. These tropical treats feature exotic fruits that you can pick up at the local market, but they make you feel like you’re on vacation. These cupcakes are simple to make and leave your home smelling heavenly. Serve in a martini glass, embellished with fresh fruit pieces and a little umbrella and you have a party in a cupcake.
Source The Brunette Baker

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Nuts About You Cupcakes

If you want a nutty snack try these hazelnut cupcakes with Nutella butter cream frosting. These cupcakes can definitely be served on their own because it has a delightful flavor that every cupcake or nuts lover will go crazy about. The frosting is a winner as well. The Nutella butter cream is light, fluffy and just delicious. It complements the hazelnut cupcakes. Perfect for a lazy afternoon, a birthday party, or just about any event.
Source A Cup Of Sugar … A Pinch Of Salt

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Microwave Lemon Cup Cakes

This versatile recipe allows for the health conscious and the sweet lover alike with its healthy ingredient suggestions. With a microwave option as well, this could be the perfect recipe for dessert lovers who also enjoy citrus. This Microwave Lemon Cupcakes recipe calls for only a pinch of lemon zest and 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice to give it the rich lemony flavor, but the lemon glaze recipe offers an option of even more tart and sweet goodness. As a compliment to tea, a snack, or the perfect end to a meal, this lemony luxury is sure to please.
Source Chocolate-Covered Katie

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Hat themed Birthday Cupcakes

Themed cupcakes are cute, tasty, popular, and really easier to make than you might think; especially these hat themed cupcakes. Most hobby stores have ready-made fondant now in their cake decorating department and recipes abound on the internet for the easy to make variety. Holidays, birthdays, events, bake sales, and various other occasions are the perfect time to get creative in such a tasty way. With an abundance of models, forms, and templates, themed cupcakes are just a few steps away.
Source Diary of a LadyBird

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

When you want an instant reaction about how delicious your cupcakes is, this is the recipe to try. The carrot cupcake with carrot bits and raisins has just the right amount of bite and although you know they are healthy, these certainly don’t taste like health food. The cream cheese icing has just the right amount of tanginess to balance out the cupcake underneath in both taste and texture. Tangy, sweet and delicious; just the way you like it.
Source Sweetopia

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Caramel Cappucino Royale Cupcakes

The farthest thing from subtle, this is one seriously good cupcake. Bite into the perfectly baked cappucchino cupcake and you will find salted caramel pudding within. The combination of the salted caramel inside and the sweet caramel topping may put your taste buds in a frenzy. If that isn’t enough, the combination of the rich, creamy icing and the firm cupcake underneath makes the burst of salted caramel inside an even bigger surprise.
Source Bakers Royale

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