Summer Citrus Cupcakes

Nothing says “summer” like an orange citrus cupcake served after a picnic or barbecue. These particular cupcakes contain both orange juice and orange zest in the batter and buttercream frosting, and they can be topped with a little candied orange peel, or half of a slice of the fresh fruit itself. Sometimes chocolate just doesn’t cut it — making it time for this rich and fruity concoction. In fact, consider including these on your next party menu!
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Vegan Lemon Coconut Cupcakes

There are plenty of flavor combinations that taste great together. Look at chocolate and peanute butter, strawberries and bananas, and even bananas and peanut butter. But what about lemon and coconut? As it tunrs out, it’s hard to resist this combination as well! The cupcakes contain both coconut extract and coconut milk, plus these have the zest of one extra large lemon. The vegan and lemon themes continues on to the glazed topping, which has lemon extract. Bake, frost and top with a little toasted shredded coconut and enjoy!
Source Ari’s Menu

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Cupcake Topper and Coffee Can Bonbons

Cupcake toppers are quick, cute, and not very expensive to make. What is a cupcake topper you may wonder? A cupcake topper is a decoration for the top of your cupcake that kicks it up a decorating notch. The problem is they can be pricey to use if you are constantly giving them away. These cute little edible toppers are made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, frosting, and sprinkles and they are the perfect finish to your special cupcakes.
Source Confessions of a Cook Book Queen

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Micky and Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Fondant bows and mouse ears on either side of a heaping helping of buttercream frosting say “Disney” in a subtle fashion. You can make these cupcakes from any cake batter that you choose, although these are a wonderful vanilla flavor. The buttercream is also vanilla, although, like the cupcakes, you can decide to use chocolate instead, of any other flavor, for that matter. What is important is the crowning touch that makes these Disney-fied — the mouse ears!
Source Eat My Cakes

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Chocolate Mint Frango Cupcakes

Chocolate and mint cupcakes are a chocolate lover’s dream come true. These Chocolate Mint Frango Cupcakes, made from chopped up Frango candies, coffee, cocoa powder, flour, sugar, sour cream and a few other more “traditional” ingredients, alone are delicious. But then you add on the chocolate mint buttercream frosting (made from more Frango mint chocolates), which elevates these treats to a whole ‘nother level. Top with some chocolate jimmies and green sugar sprinkles and serve!
Source Java Cupcake

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Snowflake Cupcakes

Snowflake cupcakes can be served all winter long — not just around the holidays. Make yours out of standard ‘ol cupcake batter from your choice of flavors. Top of a luscious swirl of buttercream frosting (again, any flavor, any color, although blue is recommended.) And then add a few pearl dragees and some fondant snowflakes. If you want to top that, consider adding on a few sprinkles of shimmery edible sugar to make it look as though everything has (slightly) iced over. Tasty and beautiful!
Source Bake Happy

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Holiday OREO Stuffed Cupcakes

What do a box of Oreo cookies, a packet of red velvet cake mix, a jar of marshmallow creme and a tub of cool whip have in common? Did you say Holiday Oreo Stuffed Cupcakes? If you did, you would be right. These tasty treats have an entire Oreo cupcake baked into each cupcake (the trick is to place them in the cupcake liners, then top them with red velvet cupcake dough.) After they have cooled, stuff the middles with a combination of the cool whip and marshmallow creme, then serve!
Source Food Family and Finds

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Banoffee Choco Chips Blondie Cupcakes

These unique cupcakes, dubbed banoffee choco chips blondie cupcakes, contain much more than just chocolate chips. The dough for each is made from a combination of flour, butter, caster sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, egg, vanilla paste, salt and… the most usual ingredient of all — sliced banana! Topped with chocolate (or vanilla – your choice) dulce de leche, the end result is a tasty, moist, and completely original cupcake that will wow your friends and family!
Source Cooking Classy

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Candy Cane and Chocolate Cupcakes

Ready for a soon-to-be classic Christmas treat? Yes? Then these candy cane and chocolate cupcakes are just what you are looking for. Not only does the batter contain peppermint extract and cocoa powder, turning them into chocolate-y, mint-y masterpieces, but the frosting is a sweet chocolate and mint glaze, made by melting Andes chocolate mints and adding in butter, sugar, hot water and a little vanilla. Top with a few pieces of a crushed candy cane and enjoy!
Source Sugar Bean Bakers

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Cotton Candy Cupcakes

There is nothing a sugar-holic loves more than cotton candy, except maybe a cotton candy cupcake. These cotton candy cupcakes are made from white cake mix, with the addition of blueberry yogurt, water, vegetable oil, egg whites and blue food coloring. The frosting – a sweet (literally) cotton candy buttercream have actual cotton candy in the mix, alongside the standard butter, milk and confectioners sugar. Bake the cupcakes, top them liberally with frosting and serve with a smile!
Source I Sing In The Kitchen

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