Honey and Orange Cupcakes

Honey & Orange Cupcakes

What an oh-so-sweet combination honey and orange makes, and there’s no better way to serve this combo than in a cupcake. What makes these cupcakes so extra special and cute? They’re topped with adorable little marzipan bees! These babies are bursting with orange, including orange juice, orange zest and orange extract, and even the buttercream topping has a touch of orange flavor. If you’re in the market for a refreshing, slightly healthy sweet treat, you’ve stumbled upon gold.

Source: The Baking Explorer


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Easiest Ever Flower Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers veer from the simple to the complicated. Some contain a number of fondant bits, assembled to look like a sculpture or fancy piece of art – one that is edible, of course. These flower cake topped fall into the former category, and are simple to assemble. They consist of a fake flower that was been washed well. The stem is covered in a piece of wax paper just in case, and to prevent the stem from getting frosting all over it. Push the stem into the top of a cupcake and your work is done!
Source The Decorated Cookie

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How to Make Fondant Rainbow Cupcake Toppers

It’s not hard to decorate a cupcake with a memorable frosted rainbow. All that you need is fondant frosting on several different colors (stick with the traditional ROY G BIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) if you want it to look just right, and some white fondant to make cute fluffy clouds. Follow the instructions in this photo-heavy tutorial and you’ll have the perfect cupcake toppers in no time flat!
Source Bake Happy

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When Pigs Fly Cupcakes

The pink fondant pig – with white fondant wings! – attached to the top of each of these cupcakes makes quite a statement. Whether you want something whimsical to serve at your next party, or if people doubt your baking skills and you want to show off what you can do (“when pigs fly” – get it?) then these tasty treats are exactly what you have been looking for. Choose your own cupcake base, then top it with a layer of the frosting of your choice before attaching these cute and edible pigs to the top!
Source The Extraordinary Art of Cake

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