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Musical Cupcake Cookie Platter

Music lovers, these musical cookie cupcakes are just the answer for you and your friends when having a musical get together. Make a platter of cupcakes with a different musical note topped on each cupcake. Its so easy when using a packet of ready cake mix. The whipped topping and the different do –re- me, musical notes look so good when you serve them on a platter to your friends.
Source The Art of the Cookie

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Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cupcakes

Cookies filled with chocolate chunks are so heavenly and easy to gobble up and enjoy, and they do have a different taste from the usual everyday chocolate cupcake. As these chocolate chunk, cookie, cupcakes are cupcakes without frosting, they are delicious for including in lunch boxes, picnics, or just for nibbling anytime you feel for a chocky snack or when you have friends pop in unexpectedly for a quick visit
Source Recipe Girl

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Oreo Cupcakes

Few things are better than a double-stuf Oreo cookie. Except for these cupcakes, perhaps. A standard chocolate cake batter is darkened to look like an Oreo cookie thanks to the addition of dark cocoa powder. Other ingredients inlude flour, butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla extract. The frosting consists of corn syrup, butter, milk, shortening and powder sugar. Dollop a bit on top before serving, or make extra and pipe it inside of the cupcakes for an authentic Oreo cookie experience.
Source I Village

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Brownie Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Frosting

Nothing makes a chocoholics day more than starting it off or ending it (preferably both) with a brownie cupcake topped with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting. Yes, chocolate overload, with a touch of cookie dough tasty-ness involved. The cookie dough frosting is similar to “real” cookie dough, except it does not contain eggs, making it safe to eat. The chocolate chips tossed into the mix are the perfect complement to the brownie cupcake base. Sure, you can share these, but do you really want to?
Source Cooking Classy

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Sparkling Holiday Cupcake Cookie Toppers

Cupcakes topped with cookies equal two sweet treats in one — especially if the cookies have been coated in icing and sanding sugar. The cupcakes can be made from any batter imaginable, along with the icing, since it is the cookies that “take the cake” so to speak in this combination. Make the cookies from the recipe of your choice, only make sure that they are thick enough to support the stick that holds them into the cupcake. After they are baked, douse them with sugar, sprinkles and icing before inserting them into the cupcake and serving!
Source Haniela’s

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Pumpkin Cookie Butter Cupcakes

These Pumpkin Cookie Butter Cupcakes are just in time for the holidays, but they are so good you will likely want them all year long. Cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and vanilla enhance the savory pumpkin flavor of this hearty autumn cupcake. The Biscoff Buttercream frosting is the perfect complement to the pumpkin and spice cake. Some might choose the more traditional cream cheese frosting, but either way you will be sure to enjoy these new favorites.
Source An American Cupcake Abroad

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

There are not very many things better than a cupcake composed of rich vanilla and baked with a center composed of a frozen cookie dough ball made with absolutely no eggs. If this isn’t enough for you, the cookie dough that is on top of the cookie-dough center covered with vanilla cake is just something that stays in your memory for quite some time. For people who would like to make a big impression, this chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake is the one to make.
Source Bashful Bao

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Peppermint Oreo Cupcakes

A pepperminty cupcake that tastes like a Christmas party in your mouth, these Oreo cupcakes can be made with different Oreo flavors. The candy cane bits in the filling plus the minty chocolate from Trader Joe’s brings the flavor of the dark rich chocolate up a few notches. The smooth cream cheese frosting can also be flavored with peppermint extract optionally but this Christmas cupcake is just as merry without it.
Source The Sweet Art

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Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

For lovers of chocolate cookies and cupcakes, your love of both will is now combined in one! Chocolate chip cookies are now in very delicious cups! Vanilla cupcake baked with chocolate chips frosted with brown sugar cream cheese topped with mini chocolate chip cookies and chocolates. Chocolatey, sweet and a little cheesy; the combination just keeps getting better and better! Perfect for dessert; your visitors won’t be able to munch just one piece!
Source Stephen and Nat

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