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Christmas Cupcakes

Whether it snows or not, you can ensure your friends and family get a white Christmas with these elegant and tasty cupcakes. These Christmas cupcakes look beautiful with a simple white frosting and silver confectioneries. You can also choose to go with red and green confectioneries if you prefer a more festive look. This is a simple and versatile recipe that you can adapt to all your holiday and party needs.
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Christmas Snowflake Cupcake Trio

Christmas Snowflake cupcakes aren’t just for Christmas any more. These pretty little cupcakes will remain the perfect party compliment so long as the wintry winds blow and Jack Frost nips at your noses. The chocolate cupcake can be made from a simple boxed mix or your favorite chocolate cake recipe and the chocolate buttercream frosting can be bought or made from scratch as well. The fondant snowflakes can even be bought at craft stores or made using one of the many fondant recipes found online.
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Christmas Cupcakes

Seeing these cupcakes will surely make you think twice of eating them. These cupcakes are perfectly designed for the Christmas season. The chocolate cupcakes are top with Christmas tree like frosting in green. Every frosting is designed with a few pearl like candies and topped with a yellow star. The especially-designed frosting have a reindeer on top and a tiny Christmas tree like in the side. A warm cup of hot chocolate will compliment these perfectly designed cupcakes.
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Christmas Cupcake Cones

Cupcakes are a great treat that can be served at everything from parties to family dinners — and they are made even better when they are served (and baked) in ice cream cones. Yes, you read that right, ice cream cones. Thanks to a handy new baking pan, you can fill either small or full-size cones with cupcake batter and simply pop them in the oven. When they are done, add some frosting and a few other creative toppings, and the serve. Simple and unique – it does not get any better than this!
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Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Chocolate kisses lover will surely enjoy these Christmas ornament cupcakes. These cupcakes are perfect for people who have a sweet tooth. These cupcakes are made out of white chocolate with vanilla frosting, which will make the entire cupcake sweeter than ever. The middle part of every cupcake is consists of heavenly kisses chocolates. The chocolate ball shaped on top is coated with milk chocolate and a little marshmallow as a complement. You can perfectly match these cupcakes with a hot cup of espresso.
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Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas may be over but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying these beautifully baked Christmas tree cupcakes with tiny Christmas ornaments on top. The cupcakes are made out of red velvet cake. These cupcakes however are ideal for people who don’t have a sweet tooth. To perfectly compliment the red velvet cupcakes a cream cheese is used for the frosting. The frosting are covered with melted candies and tiny colorful M&Ms to serve as the Christmas ornaments, and topped with a brightly yellow star. A glass of milk will help balance the red velvet taste and the sweetness of the frosting and ornaments.
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Starlight Mint Cupcakes

Starlight Mint Cupcakes are an adorable treat for your holiday table. These fun cupcakes begin with any flavor cake. The buttercream frosting is what makes this cupcake a star. Two colors of frosting are piped together to create the starburst pattern and then covered in sparkly sugar to make them shine. The cupcake design calls for a candy glass technique to create the cellophane ties but these are optional embellishments.
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Candy Cane Christmas Tree Cupcakes

For some showstopping Christmas treats, check out these cupcakes. Each is topped with a Christmas tree! Although they look complicated, the set-up is actually quite simple, thanks to a little creativity. The trunk of the tree is made from a classic peppermint candy cane, while the tree itself consists of the bottom section of an ice cream sugar coat coated with candy melt, sanding sugar and sprinkles. With decorations like these, the cupcake itself gets overlooked — until you bite into it, that is!
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Cocoa Cupcakes

If you’ve been hunting for the perfect holiday cupcake, look no further than these double-frosted beauties. Yes, you heard that right: double frosted. These cocoa cupcakes are topped with a sweet and decadent chocolate glaze, then a tasty marshmallow buttercream. Toss on a few crushed candy cane crumbles, some coarse sugar, or even small red sprinkles to add another layer of flavor and fun! The best part? Eating them, of course!
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Christmas Cupcakes

Baking inspiration can come from many places: a cookbook, a novel, or even everyday life. The middle option is the case with these Christmas cupcakes. Inspired by the book “Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe,” these mocha candy cane cupcakes have a deep, rich mocha chocolate peppermint base, a generous dose of peppermint Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, a lovely drizzle of (you guessed it!) even more chocolate, and a sprinkling of tiny peppermint bits to top them off.
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