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Cherry Pie Cupcakes

White cake mix, a whole (pitted) fresh cherry and some creative topping all combine to make these cherry pie cupcakes into tasty showstoppers. While the batter is easy to make (just combine all of the ingredients and then push a cherry into the center of each cupcake before baking) the topping requires a little creativity. Adhere red M&M’s candies to the top of the baked and cooled cupcakes with frosting, then add more buttercream around them to give the illusion of a cherry pie. What a yummy surprise!
Source Your Cup of Cake

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Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

Cherry and lime are two summery fruits whose flavors go together splendidly. The only issue is how to combine them? In this case, there are two sets of cupcakes and frostings – one is a cherry cupcake with lime frosting, and the other is a lime cupcake with cherry frosting. The cherry cupcakes are flavored with maraschino cherry juice, while the lime ones have both lime zest and lime juice. The frosting is also the best of both worlds. The lesson to be learned here? If you can’t decide – make them both!
Source House Wives of Riverton

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Fresh Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

Limes and cherries seem like a crazy combination, but once you try them together (like in Sonic’s cherry limeade, which was the inspiration for these sweet treats) you will understand how well they mesh. The lime is in the cupcake batter, in the form of both zest and juice, alongside cupcake staples like flour, buttermilk and sugar. The cherries are in the frosting – the recipe calls for butter, pitted fresh cherries and sugar. Bake, frost and fall in love with this formerly “crazy” combination.
Source Eat, Live, Run

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These cherry chocolate cupcakes are cupcakes to eat not after a meal but as a meal. Many of my cupcakes are dense, but these cherry chocolate cupcakes are chocolate boulders. The batter is so chocolate-laden that eating one of these cupcakes equates to consuming a solid chocolate bar and a cupcake simultaneously. Stop reading now if you want a dainty, frilly cupcake for a bridal or baby shower.

I made two different kinds of frosting for these chocolate cherry cupcakes: maraschino cherry buttercream and chocolate black cherry cream cheese. Both were huge hits with my tasters (they said the frostings were their favorite part of the cupcakes). My personal preference, however, was to eat the cupcakes sans frosting with a tall glass of milk.
Source Cupcake Project

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Cherry Blossom Fortune Cupcakes

There’s no better time for a pink overload than Valentine’s Day! Although, these Cherry Blossom Fortune Cupcakes work just as well for springtime, too. The cupcake batter contains lemon zest, cherry blossom extract and a vanilla pod, along with the standard cupcake ingredients. The frosting is pink fondant, which is also used as a base for the toppers – fondant “fortune cookies” complete with fortune, and cherry blossoms, with matching pink centers. They’ll be so beautiful that you won’t want to eat them!
Source Bobbies Baking

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Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

With a punch of lime flavor, this cherry cupcake has intense flavor you normally wouldn’t expect from an innocent little cupcake. The sweet frosting is flavored with cherry perfectly balancing the concentrated zesty lime flavor. Perfect for a hot and humid summer day, this cupcake takes your mind away from the heat as you enjoy its cooling cherry-lime goodness. Grab one of these to taste the cherry and limey freshness.
Source Java Cupcake

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Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes

Although you normally wouldn’t think to combine almond, cherries and vanilla, all three go together excellently in these cupcakes. Named after two of their three main ingredients, these cherry vanilla cupcakes can be made year-round, thanks to the addition of maraschino cherry juice in the batter and frosting, plus the whole maraschino cherry topper. The frosting is made from almond extract, cherry juice, sugar and butter, proving that you can, indeed, make something sweet and light from a few simple ingredients.
Source Gimme Some Oven

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Cherry Bomb Cupcakes

Via Cupcake Rehab

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