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Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler Cupcakes

There is only one thing that is better than blackberry cobbler, and that is blackberry cobbler cupcakes. These consist of a cupcake flavored with orange zest, vanilla extract, whole blackberries and a whole lot of sugar. Once they are baked and have had a chance to cool, they are topped with a blackberry glaze, made from more blackberries, more sugar and more orange zest. Throw on some of the homemade cobbler crumble topping and serve with a smile!
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Blackberry Peach Cupcakes

Not all cupcakes have to contain chocolate. Of course, you still need to add in something sweet, and in this case, it is peaches and blackberry that turn these otherwise unremarkable cupcakes into something that will be remembered for quite a while! The cupcakes themselves are peach-flavored, and the blackberry goodness comes in thanks to the blackberry swiss buttercream frosting. Top each off with a little blackberry curd, a fresh blackberry and a slice of peach for a refreshing summery treat!
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Blackberry Cabernet Cupcakes

Blackberry Cabernet Cupcakes are where blackberries and wine meet. Tasty and sweet with an additional kick. Simple and delicious, this is also a great way to make use some left-over wine form a party. You can also choose to use other berries with this recipe – raspberries, blueberries, cherries or some plums would be as yummy. Make sure you soak the berries thoroughly. If you do, you will definitely taste that deep flavor in this cupcake – definitely yummy with a tangy kick.
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Blackberry Cupcakes

Addicted to berries? These blackberry cupcakes will make sure you have a “berry” good afternoon! The base is made with fresh and ripe blackberries, then frosted with butter cream blackberries; the sweetness hits right on the spot. The appearance is gorgeous as the base has that lavender color while the frosting is a little pinkish. It wouldn’t want you to bite on it but once you do, you might want more than a bite!
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Blackberry Jam Cupcakes

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Cupcakes in a Jar

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