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Bold, beautiful, and tasty, these Edible Flower Cupcakes will be sure to impress. No longer do you have to worry about delicate piping of the frosting or making cute little designs in the icing. After smearing the top with a delicious butter cream frosting, just sprinkle a few edible flowers on top for that wow factor. Everything about making these cupcakes is as easy as 1-2-3. The recipe itself is for a simply scrumptious vanilla cupcake and the butter cream frosting is equally as simple. Try baking up a batch today.
Source Martha Stewart

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Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

It’s amazing what you can do with a little cake mix. This recipe for raspberry lemonade cupcakes starts with a box of vanilla or white cake mix (your choice.) The raspberry extract, lemon zest, sour cream, buttermilk, lemon juice, eggs and canola oil are added to it, in lieu of the instructions on the back of the box. Once these have baked – use festive cupcake liners for an extra touch of whimsy – frost the cupcakes with homemade raspberry buttercream and enjoy!
Source Whats Cookin Chicago

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Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Chocolate chip cookies are just as good as the aptly named cookies themselves. This particular recipe uses standard ingredients that are probably in your kitchen right now. The only exception to this may be the melted unsweetened chocolate that goes into the batter along with the chocolate chips, flour and other things. The frosting is a liquefied ganache made from heavy cream and chopped semisweet chocolate. Dip each cupcake in it before serving.
Source iVillage

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Cosmetic Cupcakes

If you’ve been on the lookout for inspiration for cute, yet unusual cupcake toppers, then these are exactly what you’ve been hunting for. These fondant (a stiff frosting that is moldable like clay, yet edible) toppers resemble cosmetics, or makeup, if you will. Various shades of “lipstick” and “eye shadow” (plus an applicator) sit on top of tasty vanilla buttercream frosting. The cupcake underneath is a simple vanilla, but you can make them chocolate, honey, or the flavor of your choice.
Source The Cake Box Girls

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Guinness Gingerbread Cupcakes

Gingerbread is a holiday classic, although the addition of Guinness stout to the batter turns these into a tasty, yet adults-only holiday goodie. The cupcake batter is flavored with ginger (both candied and ground), molasses, cloves, cinnamon, and the aforementioned Guinness stout. The frosting is a standard buttercream, except for the addition of lime juice, which complements the flavors in the stout well. Add on a few pieces of candied ginger or other trimmings to make these look nice, as well as taste great!
Source Fine Cooking

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It’s not often that you find pumpkin and chocolate mixed together in a dessert and after eating these cupcakes I can honestly say, I have no idea why. The sweet pumpkin pairs perfectly with the bitter cocoa. Then the addition of some orange zest and food coloring brightens the flavor and look. These orange and black chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting will have the kids going wild at your next Halloween party.
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Old Fashioned Cupcakes Orange Buttercream Recipe

These Old Fashioned Cupcake with Orange Buttercream Frosting are made for adults only. This is due to the whisky in the frosting and soaked over the cupcakes. Basically, the addition of alcohol turns these treats into the perfect thing to serve on New Years’ Eve, a football tailgate, or BBQ. The cupcakes are flavored with orange zest, orange juice, and orange extract. The frosting contains more orange zest and extract, and once these are frosting, they are coated in orange sawdust, making them extra citrus-y as well!
Source Serious Eats

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Mini Cinnamon Chocolate Cupcakes with Iced Buttercream and Candied Walnuts

If you truly want a different kind of snack, consider making a batch (or two – you may have a hard time resisting them!) of these mini cinnamon chocolate cupcakes. They are made from, of course, cocoa powder and cinnamon, as well as nutmeg, balsamic vinegar, flour, and a number of other ingredients. The frosting is a spiced buttercream, complete with almond milk and pumpkin pie spice. On top of that are the candied walnuts. All three work together to make an unforgettable combination!
Source Oh She Glows

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Birthday Cupcakes in a Cone

The only thing better than celebrating your birthday with cupcakes is celebrating it with cupcakes baked in an ice cream cone. These particular ones are vanilla flavored, but you can make them from any batter or flavor combination that you choose, as long as they are baked in ice cream cones. Because the cones need to stay upright while baking, you need to use standard, flat bottomed ones, not sugar cones. However, the results are worth it!
Source Chez Us

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Lavender Colored Cupcakes

A themed party can be made infinitely better with color-coding. This means keeping the napkins, drinks, straws, plates and cups all one color. In this case, that color is lavender, and the theme extends to the cupcakes. Turning your formerly bland colored cupcakes a lovely shade of lavender involves starting with a white or vanilla cake mix. (White cake mixes will work better than vanilla, simply due to their base color.) Add in a few drops of food coloring before combining the ingredients, and voila!
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