Take 5 Cupcakes

Inspired by the Take 5 candy bars these Take 5 Cupcakes have the flavors of chocolate, peanut butter, pretzels, and caramel. The delicious and thick batter made with sour cream and chocolate pudding is perfect for baking the candy bars right into it. They are like little hidden gems hidden inside the cake. The peanut butter buttercream frosting smeared on top is a perfect compliment and the chocolate drizzle is gooey and delicious.
Source My Baking Addiction

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a. Simple yet elegant and tasty, vanilla cupcakes are timeless treat. These delicious vanilla cupcakes are topped with rich and creamy, colored butter cream frosting for that melt in your mouth texture. A light sprinkling of metallic dressage gives these cupcakes a casual but classy look. These are great for any occasion and, because of the basic look and ingredients, you have the freedom to make the butter cream frosting suite any of your needs.
Source Martha Stewart

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Símore Cupcakes

A basic s’more consists of graham crackers, chocolate squares and marshmallows. These cupcakes contain all three components, just in a slightly altered way. The bottom of the cupcake is a combination of shredded graham cracker bits, sugar and melted butter. The chocolate cupcake goes on top, and they are baked together. Once they emerge from the oven and cool off, each is topped with a thin layer of chocolate glaze and a heap of homemade marshmallow frosting. Toast the top with a kitchen torch for extra authenticity.
Source Sweet Peas Kitchen

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Red Velvet Cupcakes with Chocolate Hearts

Red velvet cupcakes are traditionally topped with cream cheese frosting, but as the cupcakes do contain cocoa powder, chocolate frosting will work just as well. These are made with flour, baking soda, salt, vegetable oil, sugar, buttermilk, eggs, vanilla, red food coloring and the aforementioned cocoa powder. However, they use slightly more cocoa powder than the standard recipe. The frosting is a chocolate buttercream, and it is topped with white chocolate hearts.
Source iVillage

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Cupcake Photography Lesson #4: Colors

When youíre looking for the perfect shots for your cupcakes, just the right light and shadow isnít enough, as the most important feature of your photos should be the colors of your cupcakes Ė after all, theyíll the first thing that will lure the viewer! Donít confuse more colors with a better overall effect, as in fact what counts is the perfect balance between them, meaning that two or three colors can be much more appealing to the eye than 10 colors clumsily scattered around your cupcake. Less can actually be more, so put your hands to work and try!
Source Your Cup of Cake

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Earl Grey and Orange Cupcake Recipe with Dark Chocolate Frosting

Tea always transports us to fabled and timeless places of old, be it real life epochs like the Victorian Age or fantasy ones like Lewis Carrollís Wonderland. Add a bitter taste of lemon and dark chocolate to it and youíll have heaven in cupcake form. This cupcake consists of very noble flavors, as the melange of different but allied tastes in your mouth will show. The cream is best made using cocoa, as the strong flavor it purveys cuts the bitter orange one, and tea unites them all magnanimously. Chocolate sprinkle them with smooth and country house colors like pale blue, pink or white and invite your noble friends for a cuppa by the fireside while watching the snow fall.
Source Restless Chipotle

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Copycat Hostess Cupcakes

Although Hostess cupcakes are back on the shelves, nothing is stopping you from making your own version of these popular treats. These Copycat Hostess Cupcakes look kind of like the real thing – they’re dipped in homemade chocolate glaze and filled with a cream filling made from heavy cream, butter, powdered sugar and shortening. The cupcake itself is flavored with dark cocoa powder and brewed coffee. Those two things alone result in a tasty cupcake, but once you add the filling and frosting, the results are heavenly!
Source Yammies Noshery

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7th Birthday Carnival Cupcake Tower

What’s cuter than a standard carnival-themed birthday cake? A carnival-themed cupcake tower, of course! These cute cupcakes are topped with magician hats and wands, the letter “S” (in honor of the birthday girl), the number 7 (once again, in honor of the birthday girl), admission “tickets,” and tiny boxes of popcorn — all made out of the frosting. To continue on with the theme, the frosting is in red and yellow, and there is a cake topper that resembles a tent. Cute and edible – that’s a winning a combination!
Source Simply Sweets

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Kitties & Cupcakes 1st Birthday Cookies

Cupcakes don’t need to actually be mini-cakes – as evidenced by these cupcake-shaped cookies, they can be flattened discs of tastiness, as well. This batch of sugar cookies consists of frosted cupcake cookies, frosted cartoon-y cat cookies, and cookies shaped like lit birthday candles and the number 1. Basically, they work well for birthday parties, but once you remove the birthday candles and numbers, they can be served in lieu of cupcakes for any occasion!
Source The Art of Cookie

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Mini Chocolate Chip Maple Pancakes Cupcakes

Mini chocolate chips, maple syrup and vanilla extract are what give these mini chocolate chip maple pancake cupcakes their flavor. The cupcakes also contain cake flour, sugar, baking powder, butter, salt, milk and eggs. The results are a series of tiny, mini cupcakes that practically melt in your mouth – especially once they have been frosted with maple buttercream frosting made from the recipe featured on this site. Who can resist the combination of maple, chocolate and vanilla? Practically no one!
Source Two Peas and Their Pod

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