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Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Snickerdoodles are delightfully cinnamon-y cookies that can be enjoyed year-round. These snickerdoodle cupcakes follow suit, and are flavored with cinnamon, a tiny bit of nutmeg, and vanilla extract. The rest of the batter is made from a mixture of flour, cornstarch, salt, vegetable oil and several other things. Once these cupcakes have had the chance to bake and cool, top them off with a homemade vanilla buttercream frosting, just to add a little more sweetness to go with all of the cinnamon.
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Fudge Brownie and Coconut Ice Cream Cupcakes

What do brownie cupcakes, coconut gelato and coconut whipped cream have in common? Easy! They are all components in these fudge brownie and coconut ice cream cupcakes. The cupcakes are made from a brownie batter, which makes thicker, more dense treats. This pairs well with the coconut gelato and the coconut whipped cream (which doubles as frosting.) Simply layer on the gelato, top with frosting, sprinkle on some toasted coconut and chocolate sprinkles and serve. You won’t be able to eat just one!
Source How Sweet It Is

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Mini Butterscotch Cone Dip Cupcakes Cones

There is no shortage of things that you can do with butterscotch – baking-wise, that is. These mini butterscotch come dip cupcakes are just what their name implies. They are cupcakes made with a white cake mix that are baked in ice cream cones. The next step involves frosting them with homemade buttercream frosting and placing them in the freezer for a bit so that the frosting can harden. Next, dip the tops in melted butterscotch and let them harden before serving. What a delectable treat!
Source Love From the Oven

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Sparkle Star Cupcakes And Blog Party Giveaway

Turning cupcakes in sparkling patriotic star decorations that liven up your table is pretty simple to do. All that you need are colorful printed straws, star shaped marshmallows, melted white chocolate and either glittery disco dust or mini sprinkles. The marshmallows are placed on the ends of the cut straws, dipped in the melted chocolate, and then, once the chocolate has hardened, brushed with corn syrup and dipped in the disco dust or sprinkles. Slide the straw into the center of your baked and frosted cupcakes before serving.
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Recipe Makeover Challenge: Chocolate Cupcakes

It can be tough to find snacks that you can eat when you’re following a strict low fat diet. However, with a little experimentation – and the handy tips listed here – you will be able to make chocolate cupcakes for yourself and your family. The trick lies in knowing what to substitute for other things, and how to handle those ingredients so that the cake remains moist and tasty. With some careful adjustments, you’ll even be able to find the perfect frosting for your cupcakes.
Source Americas Test Kitchen

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Full Moon Baby Blue Cupcakes

Cupcakes are handy to serve at parties, because they require less utensils and other things. You won’t have to worry about cutting up a cake, making all of the pieces the same size, and handing it around the room on plates. All that you need to serve cupcakes is a napkin and the cupcake itself! These particular cupcakes were designed for a baby shower. They are red velvet, and feature blue tinted cream cheese frosting and edible baby decorations. Tasty and cute at the same time!
Source Cake in a Cup!

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These 10 crazy cupcake flavors make those made of vanilla, chocolate and even peanut butter look normal. However, just because the flavor is unique and original, that doesn’t mean that they don’t taste good. Some of the ones listed here use a classic candy or drink, like Red Hots or Mountain Dew as an inspiration, while others use things that are good for you, for example, kale or avocadoes as their central ingredient. Are you ready to test your taste buds?
Source Best Friends for Frosting

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Rhubarb and Ginger Cupcake with Custard Buttercream

Are you tired of boring, standard cupcakes in flavors like vanilla and chocolate? If so, then these rhubarb and ginger cupcakes with custard buttercream frosting might be just the thing that you have been looking for. Rhubarb is a component in strawberry rhubarb pie, so why wouldn’t it work in a cupcake alongside ginger? The answer? It does, and the results are fabulous! Once these treats have been frosted, they end up being almost too pretty to eat, but don’t let that stop you.
Source Fondant Fairytales

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It is amazing what you can do with some candy, some frosting, a few vanilla cupcakes and some creativity. These Chinese takeout cupcakes are decorated to look just like the real thing – Chinese food. The lo mein is made from vanilla frosting complete with Laffy Taffy “broccoli” and “carrot bits.” The fried rice cupcakes are decorated with orange and yellow fruit chews, green jelly beans and rice cereal. These look so much like Chinese food that you have to see them to believe them!
Source iVillage

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Shirley Temple Cupcakes

These lip-smacking goodies look like they’ve popped up out of a 1950’s Technicolor fantasy flick and they taste as fine as their classical looks. Sweet and scrumptious, with a slightly caramelized top, the bright and shiny glazing with its grenadine and lemon extract mix, is a sensation. And then of course, it’s up to you to choose whether you want to keep the iconic maraschino cherry for last or gobble it up before you commence the mini-feast.
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