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Everyone knows that cupcakes need to taste good. That is common sense. However, the best cupcakes not only taste good – they look good as well. Food styling is tough to do, but the baker/food artisan in this article pulls it off well. The chocolate cake with raspberry filling (and chocolate icing) is topped with fresh raspberries in the center, and a line of heart shaped macaroon cookies around the outside. The result is both pretty and tasty.
Source I am Baker

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Chai tea is a great, relaxing drink. Putting it into cupcake does not seem like a natural pairing, but this combination really worked well. The Chai tea mixture (typically made from tea leaves, cloves, fennel, cinnamon and a few other spices) compliments the cocoa powder, butter, sugar, vanilla extract, flour and other more “standard” cupcake ingredients. Chai tea is also in the buttercream frosting, which is then dusted with more cocoa powder and some sanding sugar. This leaves you with a treat that is both savory and sweet at the same time.
Source LoveFood

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When you mention the words “classic cupcakes” to anyone, the most common thing that comes to mind are the cream filled chocolate ones with chocolate frosting – very similar to the iconic ones that Hostess makes. These chocolate cream cupcakes are very similar to those iconic treats. They consist of a chocolate cupcake batter that is filled with a sweet vanilla flavored filling. Once they are frosted with chocolate ganache, pipe on some vanilla frosting swirls and enjoy!
Source Americas Test Kitchen Feed

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Orange Cream & Chocolate Cupcakes

There are a number of established flavor pairings that people love – chocolate and peanut butter, strawberry and banana, but orange and chocolate? Yes. It might seem unusual, but this combination works together quite nicely. These cupcakes consist of a German chocolate cake mix with added orange emulsion, and some creative toppings. These toppings include homemade orange cream frosting, melted chocolate drizzle and a single orange Sixlets candy placed at the very tippy-top of the orange frosting mountain. All of these make these cupcakes unusual, remarkable and unforgettable.
Source Created by Diane

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Father’s Day: Mocha Cupcakes

One way to make Father’s Day great is by baking cupcakes for the man being honored. These cupcakes are made from unsweetened cocoa powder, instant espresso powder and brewed espresso, giving them a “kick” that will help jump start Father’s Day. They are decorated with green tinted cream cheese frosting that has been piped on to look like grass, before being topped with a few choice accessories, like a golf tee, a golf ball and small toothpick flag adorned with the words “Happy Father’s Day!”
Source The Little Epicurean

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Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Turning lemon meringue pie into a cupcake takes a little finesse and some creativity. This particular recipe consists of a lemon-flavored cupcake, complete with lemon zest, lemon extract and lemon juice, plus flour, sugar, butter milk and bunch of other “classic” cupcake ingredients. Once the cupcake has been baked and has a chance to cool, add the lemon curd, which you can either buy at the grocery store or make from scratch using the recipe on the page. Last, top with meringue frosting and enjoy!
Source Cooking Classy

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Rolo Cupcakes

Few things go together as well as chocolate and caramel. Take these Rolo Cupcakes, for example. The consist of a chocolate cupcake (made from a boxed cake mix with a few alterations, like the addition of sour cream, vanilla extract and buttermilk) filled with a homemade caramel filling. Once they’re baked, cooled and filled, these treats are topped with a homemade chocolate buttercream frosting and a few halved Rolo candies. And a light drizzle of more caramel, if you prefer.
Source Your Cup of Cupcake

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Beer Run Cupcakes

Cold weather requires a cupcake with some figurative “meat-on-its-bones.” These beer run cupcakes fit that bill nicely. They are flavored with cocoa powder and a dark stout beer, like Guinness, although they also contain sour cream, unsalted butter, eggs, flour, sugar, salt and baking soda. Once they’ve baked, top them with a homemade vanilla stout buttercream and some crushed chocolate covered pretzels. The double-dose of alcohol makes these an adults-only treat, but also one perfect for those chilly autumn days.
Source Serious Eats

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There’s something delicious-y summery and light about these coconut lime cupcakes, although you can serve them year-round without any problems (as long as you can find limes at your local market.) The cupcakes contain both lime zest and lime juice, as well as shredded coconut. The frosting is another blast of lime and coconut, thanks to the coconut extract and lime juice mixed in with the other buttercream ingredients. Top with a little shredded coconut and enjoy!
Source Two Peas and Their Pod

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At the outset, Strawberry cupcakes sound complicated. However, these particular ones consist of a box of French vanilla cake mix combined with vanilla pudding mix, sliced strawberries, and strawberry flavored Greek yogurt. They also contain vanilla extract, eggs, water and vegetable oil, but they get their flavor from the first four ingredients. This makes for a very light, airy cupcake that pairs perfectly with strawberry buttercream frosting. Really, nothing spring, summer, or even the rest of the year quite like a strawberry cupcake!
Source My Baking Addiction

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