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Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas may be over but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying these beautifully baked Christmas tree cupcakes with tiny Christmas ornaments on top. The cupcakes are made out of red velvet cake. These cupcakes however are ideal for people who don’t have a sweet tooth. To perfectly compliment the red velvet cupcakes a cream cheese is used for the frosting. The frosting are covered with melted candies and tiny colorful M&Ms to serve as the Christmas ornaments, and topped with a brightly yellow star. A glass of milk will help balance the red velvet taste and the sweetness of the frosting and ornaments.
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For those of you who aren’t beer connoisseurs, Lambic (officially called Francois Lambic) is a type of Belgian beer that includes fruit. Francois Lambic is made with raspberries. To go along with the raspberry flavor in the beer, these cupcakes also contain sour cream and unsweetened cocoa, among other things. The frosting has raspberry puree in it, adding to the overall fruit flavoring. One word of warning: adding alcohol to cupcakes means that they instantly become adult-only treats!
Source Oh My Veggies

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Starlight Mint Cupcakes

Starlight Mint Cupcakes are an adorable treat for your holiday table. These fun cupcakes begin with any flavor cake. The buttercream frosting is what makes this cupcake a star. Two colors of frosting are piped together to create the starburst pattern and then covered in sparkly sugar to make them shine. The cupcake design calls for a candy glass technique to create the cellophane ties but these are optional embellishments.
Source Hello Cupcake

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Ready to put a new spin on the family’s traditional Thanksgiving dessert? I for one was getting tired of pumpkin pie, so when I tried one of these spiced pumpkin and mascarpone cupcakes it was a pleasant surprise. All the classic Thanksgiving flavors bundled up into an attractive and modern cupcake. The creamy mascarpone really highlights the ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg flavors in these cupcakes. Try lightly dusting them with some cinnamon sugar at the end for a more elegant look.
Source Tartelette

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Eight Nights Of Light Cupcakes

Instead of Christmas, celebrate Hanukkah with these Eight Nights of Lights cupcakes. They look beautiful, taste delicious, and take less time to make than you’d think. These yellow cupcakes (although you can make yours chocolate, red velvet or any flavor you’d like) are topped with a tasty buttercream frosting (again, the flavor and color are of your choosing.) The edible “candles” are made from mini Twix bars, with peanut M&Ms coated with yellow frosting to make them look like flames. The results are a perfect combination of tasty and cool!
Source Bright Ideas

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What’s better than a Boston cream donuts, I’ll tell you what; a Boston cream cupcake that’s what. Elevating the traditional cupcake to new heights, the insides of these Boston cream cupcakes has a rich and creamy filling. Glazed with chocolate at the end it not only looks, but also tastes just like a Boston cream donut only better. Sprinkle some red and green confectioneries on them for a perfect Christmas treat.
Source Americas Test Kitchen Feed

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7th Birthday Cupcakes for a Future Geologist

Is there a future geologist in your life? Or just a little boy or girl who is interested in rocks and nature? No matter which of these fits best, check out these creative cupcakes. The cupcake batter and frosting can be any combination that you wish, since the point gets made thanks to the edible decorations that sit atop the frosting. These candy rocks, rock candy and chocolate rock-shaped treats make these treats look like they came straight out of the ground – although their taste states otherwise.
Source Simply Sweets

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Hot Pink and Zebra Striped Cupcake Cookies!

There’s only one thing cuter than a well-decorated cupcake coated in pink frosting and complete with black and white zebra stripes. And that is a sugar cookie shaped like a cupcake. These cookie cupcakes are molded in a traditional cupcake shape, only in one dimension. There is a red frosting cherry at the top, pink swirly frosting where the frosting would be on a standard cupcake, and black and white icing creating the zebra stripes on the cupcake liner. Tasty and cute? You bet!
Source The Baking Sheet

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Fruity Pebble Cupcakes

Fruity Pebble cereal transcends breakfast food thanks to these cupcakes. They start off with yellow cake mix, eggs and oil, but become transformed with the addition of crushed pineapple, sour cream and, of course, some Fruity Pebbles. After baking, top these off with some homemade cream cheese frosting before adding on a light sprinkling of even more Fruity Pebbles. These can be served to kids… or saved just for the kid in you!
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A basic vanilla cupcake recipe is carried to new heights of flavor with addition of heaps of fresh blueberries. Try making these Blueberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting when blueberries are in season and full of flavor for the best results. The creamy cream cheese frosting mixes well with the tart blueberry flavor and just melts in your mouth. Dropping a single blueberry on top of the frosting gives them a sleek and attractive look.
Source My Baking Addiction

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