Think you’re too busy to make some homemade cupcakes? Think again. These microwave cupcakes are an easy and convenient way for everyone to get a chance to enjoy some homemade pastries. Most of the time you will spend 2 hours or more baking your cupcakes and, if you’re anything like me, it might look like a bomb of flour and batter exploded in your kitchen. Not with these tasty treats. All it takes is 5 minutes to whip up a quick batch of these chocolate and cinnamon flavored cupcakes.
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Lamington Cupcakes – Cupcake Cubes Frosted on All Sides

A little bit of Australia comes to the United States with these Lamington cupcakes. For those not in the know, a Lamington is an Australian treat that consists of tiny squares of sponge cake that have been dunked in frosting in order to coat them on all sides. These square cupcakes, made from a vanilla cupcake batter (although you can always make them chocolate) are frosted on all sides and coated in both coconut and white sprinkles. Yummy!
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These moose tracks cupcakes are based on an ice cream flavor from Maine. The cupcakes, as with the ice cream, combine the flavors of chocolate fudge, peanut butter, and vanilla to make a delectable treat. The trick is to make sure to chill the chocolate ganache before incorporating it into the vanilla frosting with the peanuts. If you don’t chill it first you will have swirled chocolate and vanilla cupcakes without any moose droppings
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Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting

I can think of no two flavors that go together better than sweet potato and cinnamon. It turns out the way to make it better was to turn those same flavors into sweet potato cupcakes with cinnamon sugar cream cheese frosting! Unlike sweet potato pie, these sweet potato cupcakes are light and airy. The buttermilk in the cupcakes gives them a nice tangy flavor which is a perfect contrast to the rich and creamy cinnamon sugar frosting.
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Pumpkin Cupcakes wth Buttermilk Icing

Can you imagine something so delicious and healthy at the same time? These Pumpkin Cupcakes with Buttermilk Icing is a must-try treat that will surely not hurt your diet program and will let you indulge without having to worry too much about calories. The goodness of perfectly ripe pumpkin complements the smooth taste of the buttermilk icing. You can also choose to have cream cheese frosting for your sweet tooth.
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Salted caramel cupcakes

What’s better than a caramel candy or a simple vanilla cupcake? The answer is simple – a combination of the two! These salted caramel cupcakes combine the best of both worlds, thanks to their swirls of caramel goodness. The caramel is on the inside, baked in to the cake, and then again on the outside, swirled onto the top of the buttercream frosting. Only one word can be used to describe these tasty treats: delicious.
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The science behind a muffin and a cupcake

One of the great baking debates centers around the difference between cupcakes and muffins. One is an acceptable breakfast food: muffins. The other is seen strictly as a dessert: cupcakes. So what makes one a better dessert and the other a better breakfast? Creaming and blending. Creaming involves mixing a fat, like butter, in with sugar. This makes things light and fluffy. Curious about blending? Check out the post on “The Science Behind a Muffing and a Cupcake.”
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Fantasy Vanilla Almond Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbows are more than just a flavor of sherbet or the reflection of sunlight off of water drops that appear in the sky on occasion. Thanks to this recipe, rainbows are sugary cupcake confections as well. These vanilla almond cupcakes are made from white cake mix and a few additions – like almond extract and vanilla pudding. The rainbow part comes into play once the cake is divided up and dyed with food coloring. Layer and swirl the colors into a cupcake wrapper and bake!
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Bottom of the Cereal-Box Cupcakes

Invariably when you empty a box of cereal into another container, you find a whole lot of bits left at the bottom for you to make gorgeous colorful confetti cereal cupcakes. These are so easy to make mixed with a box of white cake mix, eggs, powdered sugar, and gel food coloring. To top your cupcakes, simply garnish with a swirled frosting and tuck in bits of cereal to finish them off.
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Fluffy American Cupcakes in Germany

Join the Americans in Germany and learn comparisons between American cupcakes and ‘das cupcake.’ Discover the art of steeping vanilla beans in milk for making the most super duper vanilla cupcakes, and, that is not all, be the envy of your friends and find out more about excelling in your baking. You too can achieve the art of producing the fluffiest buttercream frosting imaginable, that make your cupcakes look simply out of this world.
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