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Coconut Cupcakes

There’s no such thing as too much coconut. These cupcakes contain coconut extract and cream of coconut, while the frosting has coconut extract as well. To top it all off, they are sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes. Besides the coconut extract, the frosting contains cream cheese and other ingredients, and the batter is also flavored with vanilla extract and buttermilk. The resulting cupcakes are rich, moist and coconut-ty. How will you be able to eat just one?
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Strawberry Camo Cupcakes

The “camo” part of these cupcakes has more to do with the wrappers (the outside liners) that they are placed in and less to do with the cupcakes themselves. However, don’t discount the cupcakes just yet – these tasty strawberry cupcakes are quite irresistible. They consist of strawberry puree, pink food coloring, vanilla, almond extract, flour, and several other ingredients. They are topped with a strawberry buttercream frosting, red sprinkles, and some fresh, sliced strawberries.
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Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes are the rare treat that do not need frosting or even cupcake liners, for that matter. Instead, these can be assembled right in the cupcake tin, as long as it has been well coated so that they do not stick. The cupcake assembly process starts off with a halved maraschino cherry and some pineapple mixture. (This is made from crushed pineapple, butter, brown sugar and chopped walnuts.) These go on the bottom, and the cupcake batter is poured over them. Bake and serve upside down, of course!
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The surprise in these strawberry cupcakes? More strawberries! Pureed strawberries are in the batter, alongside cake flour, butter, sugar, milk, baking powder and eggs. The frosting is a strawberry buttercream that is placed inside of the baked cupcakes to form the “surprise” filling. Once you have filled them, replace the top part of the cupcakes, frost normally, and add on a slice of fresh strawberry. The stunning results are the ideal summertime treat.
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white coconut cupcakes with coconut frosting.

Ask any fan of coconut flavored items (or just plain coconut) and they will tell you that there is no such thing as too much of the flavor. These white coconut cupcakes can attest to that, as they contain the fruit in both the cupcakes themselves, and in the frosting. The cupcakes are flavored with coconut milk, sweetened shredded coconut and vanilla extract. The frosting also contains vanilla extract and coconut milk, and you can always sprinkle some shredded coconut on top for extra flavor!
Source Crumbs and Cookies

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Roasted Strawberry and Mascarpone Cupcakes

Roasted strawberries are delightfully soft and moist, not to mention dripping with juice. That is what makes these cupcakes so grand. They are in the batter, along with vanilla bean paste, flour, sour cream, salt, and several other ingredients. Once these cupcakes are baked and cooled (of course) they are topped with mascarpone frosting (made from mascarpone, vanilla bean paste, heavy cream and powdered sugar) and some more roasted strawberries. You won’t be able to resist these!
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Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes pair well with fruit flavors. For instance, this particular recipe uses both chocolate and raspberries. The cupcakes are made from bittersweet chocolate, flour, sugar, vanilla extract and butter, among other ingredients. They are poured into festive cupcake liners and baked, before being topped with raspberry buttercream frosting. The frosting contains both raspberry extract and raspberry puree, in order to give each treat the maximum amount of flavor. Toss on a few fresh raspberries and a sprig or two of mint before serving.
Source A Cup of Sugar … A Pinch of Salt

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Fresh Raspberries and Chocolate Cupcakes

Most people associate a vegan diet with vegetables and little else. However, many vegans can eat cupcakes and other treats, as long as the snacks are made without dairy and other animal byproducts. These vegan cupcakes are chocolate, and are topped with a freshly made vegan ganache. Once they’ve been baked, frosted and garnished with a fresh raspberry, you will find little difference between them and other non-vegan treats. Try one and see!
Source Sweet Elites Cupcakes

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Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes with the best frosting ever.

What’s better than a tasty chocolate cupcake? One covered in raspberry buttercream frosting, of course. These sweet cupcakes are made with cocoa powder, sour cream, sugar, butter, eggs and several other important ingredients. After the batter is poured into a cupcake liner, baker and has time to cool, it’s time to decorate it with the frosting. Fresh raspberries, butter, powdered sugar and heavy cream are all that is needed to make these already yummy cupcakes even better!
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A simple cupcake is made even sweeter, thanks to the addition of a red fondant heart and some edible silver pearls. Once you have combined the ingredients, poured the batter into a series of heart covered cupcake liners and baked them, it is time for the fun to begin. Roll out your white and red fondant frostings (not together, of course – keep them separate) and cut out the decorative bits that you need. Assemble, add on a little raspberry jam, and then enjoy!
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