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Apple Cupcakes

For an interesting twist on healthy junk food, check out these apple cupcakes. Instead of mixing together flour, butter, salt and all of the “classic” ingredients, these treats consist of whole apples, nut butter, breakfast cobbler, unsweetened coconut and pudding. Yes, pudding. (Use a healthy version like chocolate carob pumpkin pudding to make these the ultimate healthy snack.) Serve the apples raw, sliced and topped with these goodies. The results are healthy, tasty and amaziningly good for you!
Source Oh She Glows

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Cupcake Milkshakes

Who is the mood for a cupcake milkshake? Before you ask, “a cupcake WHAT?” rest assured that they are exactly what they sound like. A cupcake (unwrapped of course) tossed into a blender along with heavy cream and an ice cream cone that is blended into a milk-shake-like consistency. Another version includes a cupcake, a scoop of ice cream and some milk. Either way, the results are a tasty, thick, cake-flavored milkshake served with sprinkles and a smile. Yum.
Source Framed Cooks

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Eyeball Cupcakes

Eyeball cupcakes are creepy and cute and a yummy addition to any eerie party theme whether it is Halloween or just kids who enjoy “grossology”. The base is a standard vanilla cupcake baked in a white paper cup and then topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting. Jelly beans cut in half create the iris and red food coloring added to some of the buttercream creates the veins to create a weird eyeball that is lip-smacking good.
Source Epicurious

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Home Run Cupcakes

Are you ready to make cupcakes tailored to your favorite sport? All that you need are cupcakes (your choice of flavors) and buttercream frosting, food gel coloring and sprinkles. After baking the cupcakes, decorate them with the tinted frosting to look like baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls or softballs. It is all up to you! A little creativity goes a long way with these treats. Decorate them to match the sporting event you are attending and then eat them while tailgating!
Source Martha Stewart

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Pull Apart Turtle Cupcakes

With these Pull Apart Turtle Cupcakes, you will never have to force your little ones to eat. It is fun and enjoyable to eat just as it is pleasing to the eyes. Even adults can enjoy these cupcakes. Aside from the taste, the presentation is also amazing especially with all the candy trimmings around it. You don’t even have to have artistic hands to create this. It’s the simplest yet most delicious Pull Apart Turtle Cupcakes you can ever find!
Source Tablespoon

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Kaleidoscope Cupcakes

Kaleidoscope cupcakes are sweet little colorful treats with an added measure of fun. To achieve this multihued masterpiece the trick is to color the cupcake batter separately. Partially fill the cupcake wrappers and then add the colored batters in whatever design you choose. To finish off the adorable edibles, instead of icing or frosting on top which would hide these cuties, the cakes are split and the frosting is stuck in the middle. Picture perfect!
Source Serious Eats

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Corn-on-the-Cob Cupcakes

Corn on the Cobb cupcakes are a whimsical treat for your next barbeque or any party or buffet you are planning. The yellow cake and frosting give a hint of the “cobb” but the corn kernels take the cake in their sweetness; literally and figuratively. The corn kernels are candies such as yellow, white, and cream colored small jelly beans arranged in perfect little rows and complemented with a Starburst “pat of butter”.
Source Martha Stewart

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Pink Piggy Cupcakes

Pink Piggy Cupcakes are the cutest little things and a tasty treat as well. These yummy confections would be perfect for a children’s barnyard party, a 4H meeting or event, or just as a cute offering at a church’s potluck one afternoon. The rich buttery flavor and the cocoa goodness in these treats are perfectly complemented by the cream cheese butter cream frosting. No matter where you serve the Pink Piggy cupcakes, you’re sure to get rave reviews.
Source Food Network

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Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

There’s nothing more memorable than a “cup” cake. Yes, you read that right, these hot chocolate cupcakes are an edible illusion. The standard vanilla cupcake base has its sides and bottom covered with a thick layer of white chocolate ganache. A fondant handle was attached, adding to the illusion that each cupcake is a small-sized coffee (or in this case, hot chocolate) mug. Brown-tinted italian meringue icing applied to the top and a few tiny marshmallows thrown on for good measure, make these both tasty and cool-looking at the same time!
Source Diary of a LadyBird

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Mochachino Cupcakes

For those who love coffee, Mochachino cupcakes will definitely become one of your favorite sweet treats. This is no ordinary cupcake for it blends into perfection espresso powder, vanilla and coffee extract. You will even love the chocolate shavings sprinkled on its heavy cream and its yummy appearance. This is best served not so overly cold to be able to reach that perfect taste of mocha in a cupcake. Serve this on any occasion especially if you are with coffee lovers.
Source A Cup Of Sugar … A Pinch Of Salt

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