Garden Cupcake Frostings

Garden Cupcake Frostings are some of the easiest frostings you can make. Why; because they start with canned vanilla or white frosting. The “garden” flair comes in the form of extracts and food colorings, and of course in the edible and candy flowers and rainbow sprinkles. Raspberry extract along with red food coloring creates a beautiful hue as does the mint extract coupled with the green food coloring. These are sure to liven up any garden party.
Source Food Network

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Cupcake Topper and Coffee Can Bonbons

Cupcake toppers are quick, cute, and not very expensive to make. What is a cupcake topper you may wonder? A cupcake topper is a decoration for the top of your cupcake that kicks it up a decorating notch. The problem is they can be pricey to use if you are constantly giving them away. These cute little edible toppers are made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, frosting, and sprinkles and they are the perfect finish to your special cupcakes.
Source Confessions of a Cook Book Queen

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Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

If you have been looking for one of your favorite treats to be remade in cupcake form, look no further than these banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The banana batter is from a modified banana bread recipe, and contains plenty of pureed bananas, as well as cinnamon,vanilla extract and flour, among other things. The cream cheese frosting is a classic that is so tasty you will have to resist the urge to eat it by itself. Combine the two for a new twist on a classic treat!
Source Baking Bites

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Mint and Gold Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

According to all of the fashion magazines, as well as the fashion designers themselves, mint and gold is the new black. Or new cupcake combo. Either way, these chocolate mint cupcakes topped with mint green frosting and tucked into gold cupcake wrappers are the height of both trendiness and deliciousness. The cupcake batter contains cocoa powder, chocolate chips and mint extract to give them a little twist, and the frosting has more mint extract – plus some green food coloring. Tasty and stylish, all at once!
Source Best Friends for Frosting

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How to Make Fondant Rainbow Cupcake Toppers

It’s not hard to decorate a cupcake with a memorable frosted rainbow. All that you need is fondant frosting on several different colors (stick with the traditional ROY G BIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) if you want it to look just right, and some white fondant to make cute fluffy clouds. Follow the instructions in this photo-heavy tutorial and you’ll have the perfect cupcake toppers in no time flat!
Source Bake Happy

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Easter Nest Cupcakes

Forget chocolate and peanut butter — the winning combination with these Easter nest cupcakes is chocolate and coconut! The simple chocolate cupcake base (the batter is made from bittersweet chocolate, eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla extract and flour) are topped with a lucious coconut buttercream frosting. What makes them “Easter nest” cupcakes, you ask? The toasted, flaked coconut placed atop of the frosting in a circle, and the egg shaped pralines placed in the center of each, of course!
Source A Cup Of Sugar … A Pinch Of Salt

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Sparkling Holiday Cupcake Cookie Toppers

Cupcakes topped with cookies equal two sweet treats in one — especially if the cookies have been coated in icing and sanding sugar. The cupcakes can be made from any batter imaginable, along with the icing, since it is the cookies that “take the cake” so to speak in this combination. Make the cookies from the recipe of your choice, only make sure that they are thick enough to support the stick that holds them into the cupcake. After they are baked, douse them with sugar, sprinkles and icing before inserting them into the cupcake and serving!
Source Haniela’s

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Easter Tulip Cupcakes

Needless to say, creating these cupcakes for Easter will make you wish Easter came around more than just one time a year. The lemon curd combined with the butter in the frosting is mixed with just enough sweet sugar to create the perfectly balanced lemony-sweet taste. The light and fluffy vanilla cupcake underneath is the perfect base for the tangy frosting. The gorgeous tulip decoration symbolizes Easter’s new life and flowers that bloom in the springtime.
Source A Cup Of Sugar … A Pinch Of Salt

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Lemon Yogurt Cupcakes

Lemon Yogurt Cupcakes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting are zesty sweet fruity goodness. These cupcakes are a refreshing pick-me-up in a hectic afternoon with a cup of tea, or after dinner with a cold glass of milk. They are the perfect quick dessert on a school night or dressed up for a Saturday afternoon party. No matter how you serve these moist cupcake treats, they are sure to be a hit.
Source Java Cupcake

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Gluten-Free Coconut Cupcakes with Coconut Frosting

One of the biggest food trends around — and the word “trend” barely applies because wheat gluten sensitivity is very real — are gluten free cupcakes. These treats are made from a gluten free cake mix, coconut extract, coconut milk, butter-flavored vegetable shortening, and eggs. When it comes to frosting them, you have two choices: gluten free whipped frosting with coconut extract mixed in, or frozen whipped topping mixed with finely chopped pineapple.
Source Sweetopia

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