Easiest Ever Flower Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers veer from the simple to the complicated. Some contain a number of fondant bits, assembled to look like a sculpture or fancy piece of art – one that is edible, of course. These flower cake topped fall into the former category, and are simple to assemble. They consist of a fake flower that was been washed well. The stem is covered in a piece of wax paper just in case, and to prevent the stem from getting frosting all over it. Push the stem into the top of a cupcake and your work is done!
Source The Decorated Cookie

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Raspberry Cupcakes with Pink Buttercream and Lacy Chocolate Hearts

There is no better way to celebrate the warm spring weather than by baking a batch of fruit-filled cupcakes. These raspberry cupcakes with pink buttercream icing and lacy chocolate hearts (because you can never have too much chocolate) are the perfect things to make this time of year. The batter contains 12 ounces of raspberries, some pureed and some simply chopped up, along with flour, sugar, whole milk and a host of other ingredients. Bake, frost, decorate and serve with a smile!
Source Martha Stewart

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Cupcake Cases

Cupcake cases, also known as cupcake wrappers, are getting fancy. The wrappers come in all shapes and sizes these days which makes baking the perfect cupcake even easier. If that weren’t enough to make the cupcake lover in you go ‘WOW’, consider the colors and patterns they come in; the design possibilities are nearly endless. Now, you can make cupcakes to match any theme or decor that your heart desires.
Source Such Pretty Things

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Blue and White Cupcakes

Blue and white cupcakes are a great dessert to serve at just about any occasion. From baby showers to Christmas parties, they fit the bill nicely. These lovely chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are decked out for a birthday party, complete with blue buttercream frosting, edible pearls and shimmering silver sprinkles and stars. Some have lucious white frosting, and are topped with an edible “happy birthday” topper, as well as blue gumballs. Now all you need is a party to serve them at!
Source Eat My Cakes

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Easy Cupcake Wrappers

There is the old saying “we eat with our eyes first” which means we want to eat something that is visually appealing.  Presentation is everything and!
If you enjoy baking but don’t feel confident with your frosting techniques, or you want to elevate your cupcakes to the WOW level, then cupcake wrappers are the ideal way to showcase your cupcakes. The idea behind Easy Cupcake Wrappers is simple.  For a one-off membership fee you can access the cupcake wrapper designer and customize, download and print cupcake wrappers whenever and wherever you desire.
Wrappers are available in a wide variety of designs for every occasion- birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, and anything else you can think of!   All wrappers are available in mini, standard and jumbo sizes so you should be confident in finding a wrapper to fit every cupcake and muffin.
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