A Giant Cupcake for Hump Day

Giant Cupcake

Wednesdays are tough, and sometimes, at the end of the day, all you really need is a horrendously tempting treat. If that’s the case, this recipe for one single cupcake, albeit a giant one, is right up your alley. It’s debatable whether this mega-treat is bigger than a toddler’s head, but it’s certainly big enough to feed a couple of people…or an entire party. This giant cupcake is sweetened with sugar and spice and everything nice (and also castor sugar). As far as the topping goes, a white chocolate buttercream does the trick, but if that’s not your flavor, do what you want – it’s tough to go wrong with a giant cupcake.

Source: What Jessica Baked Next…

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Raspberri Cupcakes

Everyone knows that cupcakes need to taste good. That is common sense. However, the best cupcakes not only taste good – they look good as well. Food styling is tough to do, but the baker/food artisan in this article pulls it off well. The chocolate cake with raspberry filling (and chocolate icing) is topped with fresh raspberries in the center, and a line of heart shaped macaroon cookies around the outside. The result is both pretty and tasty.
Source I am Baker

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