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Tailgate Cupcakes

If you like salted caramel then these cupcakes are your dream come true. The cupcakes contain a mixture of vanilla extract, sugar, butter, milk and a few other ingredients. Once they’re baked, warm caramel sauce is poured over and into them, thanks to a series of holes that are poked into each cupcake beforehand. They are then topped with home salted caramel buttercream frosting. Sprinkle on a little course salt before serving in order to continue the theme.
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Chocolate Almond Cupcakes with Fluffy Coconut Frosting

There are few things that go together better than chocolate and almonds. Add in some coconut and you will end up with an unforgettable (and tasty) combination! These chocolate almond cupcakes are flavored with whole almonds that have been chopped finely, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, coconut milk and unsweetened chocolate. The frosting is made from sugar, egg whites, cream of tartar, salt and vanilla extract. Bake, frost and sprinkle with more shredded coconut before serving.
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Mini Bacon Herb Cupcakes with Cream

Cupcakes can be savory instead of sweet, as this recipe for Mini Bacon Herb Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting proves. These cupcakes are made from a mixture of sour cream, crumbled bacon, butter, chopped onions, pepper, self-rising flour and chopped herbs, likes parsley, sage, and thyme, although you can use whichever ones you please. Once these have baked in a mini muffin tin, top them with softened cream cheese and garnish with some herbs or more crumbled bacon. They make a perfect appetizer!
Source Framed Cooks

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Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler Cupcakes

There is only one thing that is better than blackberry cobbler, and that is blackberry cobbler cupcakes. These consist of a cupcake flavored with orange zest, vanilla extract, whole blackberries and a whole lot of sugar. Once they are baked and have had a chance to cool, they are topped with a blackberry glaze, made from more blackberries, more sugar and more orange zest. Throw on some of the homemade cobbler crumble topping and serve with a smile!
Source The Cake Blog

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Lemon Mochi Basil Cupcakes

There are a number of different “classic” cupcake combinations, but one can become tired of them pretty quickly. If you’re tired of the usual vanilla and chocolate cupcakes accompanied by either vanilla or chocolate frosting, then make sure to check out these lemon mocha basil cupcakes. The cupcakes themselves are made of a combination of both standard all purpose flour and mochiko (a type of rice) flour, hence the name. The frosting is a lemon basil buttercream that compliments them perfectly. Who needs classic!
Source Lafuji Mama

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Cherry Pie Cupcakes

White cake mix, a whole (pitted) fresh cherry and some creative topping all combine to make these cherry pie cupcakes into tasty showstoppers. While the batter is easy to make (just combine all of the ingredients and then push a cherry into the center of each cupcake before baking) the topping requires a little creativity. Adhere red M&M’s candies to the top of the baked and cooled cupcakes with frosting, then add more buttercream around them to give the illusion of a cherry pie. What a yummy surprise!
Source Your Cup of Cake

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Copycat Twinkie Cupcakes

The trick to making a tasty copycat “Twinkie”- like cupcake involves mastering the sponge cake. While sponge cakes aren’t overly hard to make, their recipes do contain several tricky steps that baking newbies may need some time to master. Separating egg whites from their yolks, are one of these. However, following this recipe to the letter results in some tasty sponge cake cupcake stuffed with marshmallow-fluff based filling and topped marshmallow buttercream frosting. Very sweet indeed!
Source Restless Chipotle

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Lavender Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting

When it comes to unusual cupcake ingredients, dried lavender (the edible variety from a spice shop) and honey are probably at the top of most people’s lists. However, these lavender cupcakes – complete with purple-tinted vanilla bean frosting – are quite tasty. The batter is made from standard yellow cupcake dough, with the addition of the aforementioned honey and dried lavender, plus whole milk. Once they bake, top them with gel-tinted vanilla frosting and enjoy!
Source Cooking Classy

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Bittersweet Chocolate and Cardamom Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes are an excellent, classic dessert. However, add in some cardamom and switch the chocolate over to a bittersweet (not semisweet) variety and you have an interesting and delicious treat. These bittersweet chocolate and cardamom cupcakes do contain both of the ingredients listed in their name. However, the trick to making them even tastier lies in the whipped chocolate ganache frosting. Layer it on top once these treats have baked and cooled.
Source Tartelette

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Take 5 Cupcakes

Inspired by the Take 5 candy bars these Take 5 Cupcakes have the flavors of chocolate, peanut butter, pretzels, and caramel. The delicious and thick batter made with sour cream and chocolate pudding is perfect for baking the candy bars right into it. They are like little hidden gems hidden inside the cake. The peanut butter buttercream frosting smeared on top is a perfect compliment and the chocolate drizzle is gooey and delicious.
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